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Armodafinil against extreme somnolence

Treatment of extreme somnolenece by Generic Armodafinil

Armodafinil is applied to treat extreme somnolency, provoked by paroxysmal sleep (a condition that evokes exorbitant daytime sleepiness) or somnopathy. It is also utilized with breathing appliances to prevent extraordinary drowse, generated by sleep apnea (the disturbance of sleep in which a patient stops breathing briefly or breathes shallowly a great number of times while sleeping and consequently has no chance to obtain rather good sleep).

Armodafinil is included in the class of medicines, related to so-called wakefulness promoting agents. It acts by alteration the number of certain organic substances in the brain that monitors doss and vivacity.  

What information should I give my doctor prior to taking Armodafinil?

Before taking this substance, inform your physician if you are allergic to it or to other medicines and what prescribed and preparations which are sold freely, vitamins, food additive and herbscent stuffs you are taking or you are about to take. Perhaps, your doctor needs to change the gauging of your remedies or look after you carefully to preclude side effects. A lot of other preparations also cooperate with Armodafinil, so let your specialist know about all the remedies you take.  

Your doctor should have an idea if you have ever had pain in chest, irregular heartbeat or some problems with your heart after taking the stimulant, and if you have ever had a heart seizure, high arterial pressure, mental illnesses, such as depression, mania or psychosis (the difficulty to think clearly, communicate, understand reality and behave appropriately) or diseases of heart, liver and kidneys. You should have an idea that Generic Armodafinil may influence your opinion, thinking and movement and may not release from drowsiness fully.

Don’t drive a car and don’t work with machine facilities until you know how this drug has action upon you. If you have recently avoided driving and doing other hazardous activities owing to your somnopathy, don’t renew these activities without consulting your doctor, even though you feel more vigilant.   

Symptomes of overdose

The symptoms of overdosing may include: headache, dizziness, uncontrollable shaking of body parts, nausea, vomiting, heartburn, alvine flux, loss of appetite, thirst, xerostomia, hidrosis and frequent urination. Let slip the missed doses of Armodafinil and continue dosing according to the schedule. Don’t have a double dosage to fill up a missed one.

Armodafinil is applied to treat extreme somnolency, provoked by paroxysmal sleep or somnopathy. It belongs t owakefulness promoting agents.