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Armodafinil eliminates sleepiness

Armodafinil: general information.

Armodafinil is a prescription drug for narcolepsy, which increases concentration and eliminates sleepiness. It also enhances the perception and abilities of memory. As a dietary supplement, it takes pride of place among nootropics. This is a drug with the help of which you can get rid of sleepiness during the day and treat narcolepsy. There is also a possibility to improve the perception by stimulating neurotransmitters in the brain, and it is also used to improve mental abilities.

The standard dose is 100-200mg, or 4 mg per kilogram of body weight. By clinical usage in the treatment of daytime sleepiness associated with narcolepsy, the recommended dosage usually is ranging from 200 to 400 mg a day. The dose may be received once in the morning or twice (morning and noon). When using the medication to enhance physical performance, usual effective dosage is at about 100-400 mg. The drug is often received in 2-3 hours before the start of sporting events.

Please pay attention to the fact that the side effects might depend on the dosage. Often it is recommended to start using the drug at the lowest effective dose and increase it by 50-100 mg every day per reception before the achievement of the optimal level when you feel comfortable. Application of the drug is huge and essentially includes any sports, focusing on aerobic exercise or stamina.

It also works perfect for athletes who do exercises for strength or speed (anaerobic load), such as the shot put, pole vault and long jump. Generic Armodafinil  is not popular among builders, since it does not directly affect  increasing or decreasing of muscles of the body fat. Some people, however, believe that the medcation is an effective psycho stimulant before a workout, especially in the periods of extreme fatigue or loss of physical activity after hard work or due to other reasons.

The history of creation of the drug is rather interesting. It was synthesized in the late 70s of last century by the French pharmaceutical company Lafon Group. In 1986 with the result of tests it became clear that the drug was not only opposed to narcolepsy, but just turned off for some time the need for sleep. In 1994, France began the production of tablets based on the given medication.

In 1993 Lafon Group sold the rights to the usage of this drug in the US to company Cephalon. Entitled as "Nuvigil", in December of 1998 the FDA approved the sale of the drug as a treatment for narcolepsy. Now you can buy Armodafinil at any drugstore of the US or order Armodafinil online.   During the studies and sales of the drug Armodafinil (also famous under the trade names Nuvigil and Waklert) there was found no side effects, except for rare cases of mild nausea and headache. At this time, it is considered safer and more effective than caffeine amphetamines.