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Armodafinil wins the battle with narcolepsy

What is Armodafinil?

Armodafinil is a new psycho stimulator which inhibits the desire or need for sleep, enhances physical endurance of the human body, improves functions of memory and sharpness of intellect and also other parameters of mental activity. There should be also mentioned that the pharmacological profile of the given drug has nothing in common with amphetamines. Barbara Sahakian, after testing of the drug in a series of experiments on human volunteers found out that they showed excellent concentration, fast learning and improving of efficiency of the mental focus, and also a sharp increase of IQ.

A bit of the history.

Nootropic was created in the late 70s by the French pharmaceutical company. In 1986 according to the results of tests it became obvious that the drug was not only treating narcoleptic patients, but just switched off for some period of time the need for sleep. Then France started producing of the tablets based on it. After that Lafon Group sold the rights for the usage of this medication to the US company Cephalon. Named as «Nuvigil» in December of 1998, the FDA approved the sale of the medication as the main treatment for narcolepsy.

Why is it effective?

Generic Armodafinil is a unique product while it has the ability to act on its own and only in case it is really necessary. Side effects of the drug are absent (except for rare cases of anxiety, agitation, insomnia and «hangover») which are usually brightly expressed by taking other «prescription stimulants».

The medication does not cause addiction and euphoria and instead reduces peripheral stimulation of the nervous system. The substance has little (practically no) effect on blood pressure. The drug can be used to keep the process of thinking clear during prolonged periods of sleep absence. During clinical trials it has been proved again that Armodafinil has a very high level of safety.

Indications and dosage regimen.

So if you decided to buy Armodafinil for using off label, pay attention to the following rules. For the treatment of hypersomnia caused by narcolepsy it is recommended to take the drug once in the morning, although there is evidence of clinical tests, according to which the double application (morning and noon) is more efficient. Single receiving 400 mg of Armodafinil does not significantly increase efficiency compared with a dosage of 200 mg.

By the treatment of sleepiness caused by work shifts, it is recommended the reception of only 200 mg dosage of the drug just in 1 hour before you start working. A positive effect is also easily achieved with the one reception of 300 mg. In any way, the daily dosage of the product should not be more than 400 mg; using the drug in the afternoon is not quite recommended, while it is slowly cleared from the body and can interfere with normal night's sleep. In general, recommendations of dosage vary from 100 to 400 mg per day, once or twice. You can easily order Armodafinil at reliable online pharmacies.

Armodafinil is a new effective drug produced by the company Cephalon and intended for treatment of different sleep disorders, including narcolepsy.