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Calming effect of Nuvigil

Generic Nuvigil stimulates brain activity.

According to a recent survey which was conducted by the British scientific journal, 20% of the scientists admit that they use drugs that stimulate brain activity. Most of them claim to do it in order to «improve concentration», and 60% of them admit that they used drugs weekly or even daily, reports Physorg.

In the study there were mentioned three main drugs that people can get without a prescription of the doctor or order online: Ritalin (a drug used to improve attention, especially by children), Nuvigil (commonly used for treating sleep problems, as well as for removing general fatigue and jet lag treatment), and beta-blockers, which are used to treat cardiac arrhythmias.

Nuvigil also popular because of its calming effect.

The first two medications are absolutely accessible on campus and are used to improve brain activity of the students. Some scientists believe that it is quite normal, and that children cannot become addicted to these drugs. But others claim that such a drug as Ritalin can be addictive, even though it is recognized as safe and can be prescribed by a doctor. As for Generic Nuvigil, it is assumed to be safe, which was proven by a number of further studies.

For example, the research of testing the oral form of the medication, conducted for the usage in treating of fatigue, leading to disability. 72 patients with different forms of MS were taking two different doses of the drug and an inactive placebo over nine weeks and were finding out their self-esteem levels of fatigue using standard evaluations. Participants reported that they felt the least fatigue when receiving lower doses of the medication, and a statistically significant difference in the degree of fatigue manifested in the lower dose compared to placebo.

In this small research, 64 patients, who were taking part in it, showed that Nuvigil improved their state of fatigue. It is still not clear how the drug acts in comparison with other accessible medicines which are often used by decreasing of fatigue (as, for instance, amantidine or pemoline). Since the drug is approved by the FDA for the treatment of sleepiness, doctors can use it for treating other diseases, including fatigue by MS.

It is not known, if the Cephalon (the company which created the drug) uses the results of this research or additional studies in order to request from the FDA the expansion of marking the medication and to use it for the treatment of fatigue by MS. But you can easily buy Nuvigil at any drugstore of the US or order Nuvigil online without the prescription of your doctor.