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Facts You Need to Know Before Buying Provigil

Provigil is a prescription medicine based on an active amphetamine-like agent called Modafinil. It can be sold under various brand names, including Alertec, Generic Provigil, Modafinil, Modavigil, and others. The medicine is used to promote wakefulness during the daytime in people suffering from various disorders and diseases including HIV, cancer, depression, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, ADHD and other conditions causing excessive fatigue and violations of sleep cycles. However, the primary indication for its use is narcolepsy and shift work sleep disorder. The other conditions it is used for are called “off-label” indications. Usually, doctors bear sole responsibility for prescribing the medicine for off-label conditions not listed in the approval of the medicine by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

The medicines based on Modafinil, according to the clinical tests, have a weaker effect than amphetamines or caffeine in the promotion of wakefulness, but they are believed to have weaker side effects at the same time. Therefore, some doctors think that Provigil can be a good means to help people with various disorders resulting in overwhelming fatigue.

Prescribed Dosages of Provigil

Different conditions for which the use of Provigil is recommended require different dosage and manner of the medicine intake. Therefore, before buying a medicine, you should consult your doctor and find out the exact dosage that you need to take.

For the treatment of narcolepsy and obstructive sleep apnea, a regular dosage of Provigil is 200 mg taken once a day in the morning.

The patients suffering from shift work sleep disorder are recommended to take 200 mg pill of Provigil one hour before the start of their shifts.

According to the clinical trials, 400 mg of Provigil taken once a day has no negative impact on the health of the patients. However, no long-term effect of such dosage has been studied yet. If your doctor recommends you this dosage, make sure to carefully observe your health condition in order to detect first signs of possible overdose or side effects occurrence as soon as possible. If your doctor prescribes the dosage of 200 mg, do not increase the dosage at your own will.

Contraindications and Possible Side Effects of Provigil

All of the medicines can cause side effects of various severity and Provigil is not an exception. In order to be sure that you can take the drug safely, be sure to check whether your other conditions do not fall into the one of categories of contraindications:

  • You should not take Provigil if you are allergic to one of the components of the medicine;
  • Be careful using Provigil if you have high blood pressure
  • People who have suffered a heart attack or have any conditions related to heart should be careful using Provigil or any Modafinil-containing medicine
  • If you have a mental disorder that causes the loss of reality, wakefulness medicines can be harmful for your condition
  • Suicidal tendencies also require cautious intake of Provigil

Side effects of Provigil do not necessarily occur, but you should be aware of possible inconvenience it may cause:

  • The most common mild adverse effects are: headache, back pain, stuffy nose, digestive disorders, dizziness, trouble sleeping, hyperactivity, and anxiety.
  • Rash or any other manifestation of the allergic reaction.
  • Mental symptoms, including depression, hallucinations, manic state, suicidal thoughts, aggressive behavior, and others.
  • Symptoms related to heart, such as chest pain, trouble breathing, or abnormal heartbeat.

If any of the listed or other symptoms occur after the intake of Provigil or any other Modafinil-containing medicine, you should immediately stop using it and contact your doctor or call the ambulance.

When your doctor prescribes you the medicine, make sure you have informed him/her about all of the disorders you are suffering from and the medicines you are taking at the moment or on a permanent basis.

Ways to Buy Provigil

The most common way of the Provigil purchasing involves regular visits to a doctor who is authorized to prescribe controlled substances. However, this way is very costly and time consuming. Another way is to buy Provigil online. Worth noting that most probably you will find Generic Provigil online. This method is pretty good for people who have to take a lot of medicines on a permanent basis. Read further to get the tips of safe purchasing of Provigil at online drugstores.

How to Buy Provigil Online Safely: Easy Tips

  • First of all, if you decide to buy Provigil online, look for a reliable pharmacy with good rating among customers. Get the information about the pharmacy reputation on the forums dedicated to the online purchase of the prescription medicines or check customers’ reviews on the website of the online pharmacy.
  • Always check the compound and dosage of the medicine you plan to buy. Normally, Generic Provigil has the same ingredients and dosage as Provigil, but an additional check wouldn’t hurt in a first purchase.
  • Find out the custom legislation to know whether you must or must not to pay additional custom duties for the medicines bought abroad.
  • Check the law to find out the maximum medicine amount to be bought at once by an individual. Usually, customer support managers of the pharmacy are able to give you this information as they ship worldwide and know the laws of different countries, but if they don’t, for your safety and peace of mind, try looking for this information at least online.