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Generic Armodafinil raises wakefulness

Armodafinil Structure.

The traditional Modafinil is known to be a racemic compound, like most of other medications, available on the drug market nowadays. This racemic compound is made up of 2 various substances which are mirror displays of each other. These tow substances are totally identical except their orientation.  These two molecules have the name enantiomers. In some cases one enantiomer works much better than the second one. The same happens with Generic Armodafinil. The scientists are very interested in this drug and investigate it a lot.

After a series of studies concerning left and right compounds it was revealed that the right R-Modafinil compounds provides much benefits while L-Modafinil brings a biggest number of side-effects. Armodafinil is a clear R-Modafinil, it means that it influence positively on the organism. It is very strong, but at the same time carries low risks. The mechanism of the drug is the same as that of Modafinil, but it is even more delicate. Armodafinil enhances such a neurotransmitter as histamine in hypothalamus. It is also able to boost the activity of dopamine and can make the orexin neurons to be active.

These neurons are responsible for the feeling of wakefulness in the organism. In comparison with Modafinil which was formulated in late 1970s, Armodafinil was only approved for the treatment of different sleep disorders in 2007. It is not as popular as Modafinil, but it is said that with time quite a big number of people will be using it. It has a great potential to become a new king among all the cognitive enhancers. One can buy Armodafinil in pills of 150mg dose. 1 pill of Modafinil, dose of 200 mg has 100mg of Armodafinil and the rest of 100 mg is considered to be the left enantiomer.

That’s why, when the dosage of Armodafinil appears to be lower, in any case it has more of the active substance which acts beneficially on the organism. The medication has a steady effect and gains its concentration a bit later and lasts longer, in comparison with Modafinil. Armodafinil is really has a small range of side effects. It impairs sleep less than any other drugs used for such a purpose. In general cases it will cause some headaches. But in order to avoid it, you should drink much water while taking the drug. A pill of Armodafinil will increase your focus and energy.

Popular Nootropic.

Armodafinil is found to be a very popular nootropic which is completely different from other nootropic drug due to a number of reasons. When you order Armodafinil, be sure, that you will feel the effect at once while taking the medication. It is not necessary to wait days and week for its effects. Moreover, it is not as harmful as many other medications which were previously used for such purposes. The medication is very safe and will not make you addictive to it. With each day more and more people find out about the drug amazing properties.

Scientists are still interested in the drug and conducted many studies and experiments, because they have not yet revealed its concrete mechanism of action. Many are sure that in the nearest future a number of Armodafinil “off-label” usages will be approved by FDA and will become official. But in spite of this, many people already use the drug in order to increase concentration, motivation, memory and other cognitive processes. It is goof at enhancing focus and productivity, which are very essential for many workers in different fields.

Armodafinil is found to be very effective in treating excessive sleepiness, which is known to be a common disorder nowadays.