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Generic Provigil – Budget Solution for Narcolepsy

Narcolepsy is a disorder that requires constant spending on expensive prescription medicines. Without such medicines as Provigil, people suffering from it cannot lead a normal life. The excessive fatigue and even sudden sleep attacks make it impossible to obtain a good paying job, spend quality time with their children and have a full social life. So what if they do not have money for such medicines that cost around a thousand dollars per month, should they give up on a normal, happy life? Fortunately, today they have a solution.

Most prescription medicines sold at the local drugstores have their cheaper analogs marketed under different brand names. Usually, those names and medicines are registered in other countries. Therefore, there are only two ways of purchasing them: either go to the country where they are manufactured or marketed, or order the medicines online and pay for their delivery. Worth noting that even paying for a delivery people still can save on the huge difference of prices of Provigil and its cheaper analogs. Why there is such a huge price gap? First of all, cheaper production costs that are spent by the pharmaceutical companies making analogs. They also use the same formula, but they didn’t invest in the research and development, so again, this saving allows them pricing their medicines several times cheaper. Moreover, they do not need to pay excessively high taxes and save on advertising. Their advertising policy is quality and a good, affordable price. Isn’t it the best deal? You can find such medicines adding to the brand name of the medicine you need a word “generic”.

Why such medicines are called generic?

The word “generic” is added by the online drug stores to the widely advertised name so the customers can easily find the analogues of the drug they need. The pharmaceutical companies that manufacture so-called generics do not use registered by others brand names. They do not break the law or make counterfeit products. Do not let such names mislead you.

How to find a reliable pharmacy to buy Generic Provigil?

Finding a reliable online drugstore can be challenging. You will have to make your own small research or, simply use one of the links to trustworthy online pharmacies at our website. If you still don’t believe that these pharmacies can be trusted or want to compare them with the other ones, here are the tips.

Look for the customers’ feedback and reviews of the medicines sold by a particular online pharmacy. If the reviews seem quite unnatural, try looking for unbiased reviews on the websites or forums that specialize on discussion about buying generic medicines. There are a lot of people willing to share their experiences and help fellow patients with narcolepsy and other diseases. By the way, if you see the reviews and they are helpful but written in a bit of broken English, do not consider them fake at once: there are a lot of people from other, for example, European countries, who also opt for buying prescription medicines online.

Avoiding legal problems buying Generic Provigil

Customs authorities can cause you some trouble if you don’t respect some simple rules:

  • Do not buy too many medicines. If the package is too large, they can open it to check, and if they find a bulk of pills, you can be charged with illegal distribution of prescription medicines.
  • Do not order Generic Provigil pills online for your friends. If you want to help – recommend them the online pharmacy you use.
  • Do not open the parcel at the post office if you didn’t order a home delivery.
  • Do not be surprised to see “nutritive supplements” label on your parcel. Usually, online pharmacies do so in order to relieve you from additional customs duties or other legal problems.

Checking the quality of Generic Provigil before ordering

You cannot be sure that you buy a qualitative medicine even at your local drugstores. However, a little research wouldn’t hurt when buying Generic Provigil pills online:

Check and compare its composition with the medicine sold at your local pharmacies. If you can’t see this info on the website of the pharmacy, ask customers support managers.

Different pharmaceutical companies put a different Modafinil (active substance) dosage in a pill. Make sure you are buying the dosage you need. For example, if you need Provigil 100 mg, do not buy Generic Provigil 200 mg; look further for the needed dosage.

Do not fall for the lowest price. All reliable online pharmacies have their prices set on a certain level. If you see a significantly lower price, think twice, would you like to risk buying an inferior medicine?

You can also find some information online regarding the countries of origin of generics. For sure there is some useful info on which Generic Provigil is better.

Being responsible is in your interest

You can buy the medicine without a prescription. It gives a feeling of freedom. But be careful using the medicine. Read about its possible side effects, contraindications, interactions with the other drugs. Never overdose and be ready to call the ambulance or at least inform your doctor if you see a manifestation of any side effect.

These unpleasant effects are not caused by the poor quality of the generic medicine in most cases. The reason is that all Modafinil-based medicines cause similar side effects, are contraindicated in certain conditions, etc. However, if you contact your doctor with the symptoms of adverse effects and so on, be ready to honestly say that you were using generic medicine. It may or may not help to find a real reason, but you can at least try.

Buy Generic Provigil pills from a recommended online pharmacy, use it responsibly, and you will see the best results of narcolepsy treatment.