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Generic Provigil provides wakefulness

Provigil is known to be a brand name for such a medicine as Modafinil.

It is a prescription drug which is used in order to treat too much sleep which is the result of such sleeping disorders as SWSD, OSA and narcolepsy. It is commonly used in the circles of athletes and other people whose occupation requires much attention and alertness. Due to its amazing properties WADA banned it in 2004.

Provigil history.

Modafinil was formulated by Lafon Labs in 1970s as a series of benzhydryl sulfinyl compounds. Provigil is a brand name which was produced by Cephalon Inc in United States. Its first prescription was made in the late 1990s. Firstly, it was used for treating excessive sleep connected with narcolepsy. A bit later it began to be used for treating such conditions as OSA and SWSD.

Provigil mainstream use.

Generic Provigil is widespread among law enforcement and military circles. They use it as an alternative for different amphetamines. In comparison with them, Provigil doesn’t bring too many side effects. Such countries as France, United Kingdom and USA use the medication for fighting fatigue and weakness. It is also very popular among pilots who have to spend long hours awake in their studies and operations. That’s why many of them buy Provigil to be alert and brisk during such periods of time. Besides, those astronauts, who take part in long missions aboard also don’t imagine their life without this medication.

Provigil benefits for athletes.

It was noticed that Provigil is able to prolong time of exercises and makes a pain barrier bigger. In addition, efforts which are required to reach a certain point in such a sport is also may be reduced with the help of the drug. Provigil gives much strength and motivation to go ahead in the sport.

Provigil reduces weight.

A number of Modafinil researches have shown that the medication can decrease appetite and help with weight loss. In one study those who took medicine reduced their calories almost up to 38%, taking a dosage of 400mg per day. Cephalon included Provigil on a list of drugs which can be used for weight loss in 2000.

Additional usages.

Except its main aim in eliminating excessive sleep, Provigil is good at treating other common disorders and problems:

Cocaine dependency


Multiple Sclerosis



Psychiatric problems

Parkinson’s disease

Bipolar disorder

Provigil legality .

One can order Provigil without any problems at any time in many countries. In US it belongs to schedule IV substances which are controlled. It is legal to import the drug without its prescription. It is not allowed to advertise different “off-label” usages of the medication for production companies. In such countries as India and Mexico, Provigil is considered to be not a controlled substance.

Provigil addiction.

Generally the medication is tolerated normally by a majority of users. But there is still a slight possibility of it to be a bit addictive.  The addiction is explained by its influence on dopamine levels in the reward center of the brain. That’s why you should always take right doses of the drug and not overdose it.

Provigil half life.

The half life of the medicine is relatively long and can reach almost 12-15 hours. One dose would be enough to obtain this point. Some studies reveal that it is possible to stay awake for 40 hours with the help of this medication. It is especially useful for students, who have to prepare big report and write various boring essays at the period of exams. Sometimes the medication is called ”a wonder drug” among students for it fascinating properties.

Provigil is a prescription drug which is used in order to treat too much sleep which is the result of such sleeping disorders as SWSD, OSA and narcolepsy.