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Generic Provigil – what is it and where to buy it

There are millions of people, mostly in the western countries, who are making ends meet while treating diseases requiring prescription medicines. These people would like to save those thousands they spend yearly and spend them on something more pleasant than medicines to make their lives feel more normal. Do they have such possibility? Today, they certainly do. In order to obtain an effective treatment, including the treatment of narcolepsy, they can order the medicines online and save more than a half of their budget for drugs. They cannot buy the same medicines in their local drugstores, but they can buy analog medicines, which are not less effective, but cheaper. For example, the treatment of narcolepsy requires the intake of Provigil to promote wakefulness in daytime and regulate the sleep cycle. Online they can find absolutely identical medicines twice of even thrice cheaper. However, their packages bear different names. Let’s find out more about these medicines.

Analogs of Provigil: are they really identical to Provigil?

There are a lot of analog medicines not only for Provigil but for all expensive prescription medicines. They are created using the same formula and substances. However, there are some differences in their production and marketing that make them less expensive. These differences are:

  • The pharmaceutical companies that manufacture analogs of Provigil are not those who created the formula. They use already created formula and do not invest millions in research.
  • Not all countries have excessively high taxes and production costs. Therefore, the factories situated, for example, in India, are able to manufacture the same medicines cheaper.
  • Not all companies lobby their medicines for the approval of FDA. FDA approval costs a lot of money. Provigil brand owners invested that money and the medicine is officially approved in the USA, but identical medicines with the other names are not. However, they are still approved in other countries and are widely used there.
  • Provigil is a highly advertised brand name. The owner of the name invests millions yearly to make the drug popular. Besides direct advertising, the company pays doctors for each prescription they give their patients to obtain Provigil. Therefore, your doctor is no way interested in prescribing you other even not less effective, but cheaper medicine.

Where and how to find analogs of Provigil?

If you are already convinced that you do not need the expensive Provigil, you should look for Generic Provigil. Though it is not a brand name, but rather a generic name for all its analogs, using it you will easily find a long list of various medicines with the same composition and effect at almost all online drugstores. Generic Provigil is a name used by online pharmacies to make your search process easier. Naturally, you cannot remember all Provigil analog names, so you type in this generic name, and get the list of names with the countries of origin, manufacturers names, and so on.

You can also purchase the medicine without prescription while visiting some countries. For example, Mexico. You can also find them at your local black market. But you want to save and be safe, so better opt for online pharmacies.

How to choose the pharmacy to buy Generic Provigil?

Unfortunately, not all online pharmacies are trustworthy. In order to find one, you need to conduct at least a little research. Look for unbiased websites with the rating of online pharmacies, find forums where people discuss their experiences with certain online pharmacies, check blogs, reviews of customers on the websites of pharmacies, etc. You can also compare the prices. If you see an average price everywhere and then a super low one, do not fall for it. Most likely such pharmacy uses a scammer scheme.

If you do not have time for such research, simply use one of the links on our website. We place links only to the reliable online pharmacies that sell Generic Provigil. You can also contact their customers support managers in order to find out all the information you need and by their willingness to answer you will see their competence and quality of work.

Avoid bad Generic Provigil

Though all Generics of Provigil have the same composition, some of them can be made of inferior materials. Usually, such sins can be attributed to certain pharmaceutical companies. Among buyers of the medicines online, all pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies have already established reputation. Therefore, again, if you want to find the best Generic Provigil pills, you need to find customers reviews. Do not blindly follow their advices, but take notes and compare the information you gather.

Some even the most trustworthy online pharmacies can sell both good and bad Generics of Provigil. However, they set different prices for them. It would be obvious for you which medicine is considered better according to the price difference.


Using any medicine you should be cautious. First of all, read the list of the contraindications and side effects. Consult your doctor about the compatibility of Generic Provigil with the other medicines you take or conditions you have. Be ready to fight side effects by drinking plenty of water, trying to vomit, take anti-allergy medicines, and immediately contact your doctor or call the ambulance.

Being responsible while buying Generic Provigil pills online pays off: you save a lot of money and improve your health not even leaving your home.