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Getting acquainted with Modavigil

This article provides you with initial acquaintance with Modavigil – a great drug helping to stay alert and productive during your daytime

Staying productive depends heavily on our ability to control the level of alertness during our daytime work. We need to stay alert all the time: at our job in public transport and our own car. Modavigil is a drug that helps people staying awake and alert right when they need it – during the working hours.

Though staying awake may seem like a trivial task, it is not always so. Many people today suffer from narcolepsy – a chronic CNS (Central Nervous System) condition that disrupts the ability to stay awake during the day. According to recent estimates only in the US 200 000 people suffer from narcolepsy.

Besides narcolepsy there may be some other things that ruin people’s ability to stay alert and awake during the day:
    — Sleep disruptions related to shift work
    — Obtrusive sleep apnea
    — Depression
    — ADHD
    — Intensive preparations to exams and tests

For all those things that disrupt your alertness there is one simple answer – Modavigil. This modern drug removes all key obstacles to normal focus and attentiveness during your work time:
    — Drowsiness at daytime or EDS (Extreme Daytime Sleepiness)
    — Feeling of weakness
    — Sudden uncontrollable urges to sleep which are usual among people suffering from narcolepsy
    — Cataplexy – unpredicted relaxation of body muscles related to narcolepsy which can lead to stumbling, falling down and other dangerous movements

Modavigil allows to remove all these negative symptoms due to its efficient scheme of work. Actually it works in a very similar way to amphetamine-based drugs. Both amphetamines and Modavigil increase the level of neurotransmitters in our brains, namely – dopamine and norepinephrine. But besides that Modavigil increases the level of hypothalamic histamine making it safer in terms of addiction.

Modavigil is universal and powerful drug. In order to use it safely you need to consult your doctor or healthcare provider and give him all necessary medical records as well as information on medications you are currently using.

Staying productive depends heavily on our ability to control the level of alertness during our daytime work.