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Good memory with Modafinil

Modafinil is a prescription drug for patients with narcolepsy.

It increases concentration and relieves drowsiness, enhances perception and memory abilities. This preparation as a dietary supplement takes an honourable place among nootropic drugs. It is a medicament that delivers from sleepiness in the daytime and for the cure of Gelineau’s syndrome (sleeping disease). There can be possible improvement of perception by stimulating the neurotransmitters in the brain and it is also used to improve mental abilities.

Modafinil was worked out by Lafon Laboratories in France.

In 1998 this medication was approbated by the FDA for distribution in the USA, where it was sold under the brand name of Provigil. You also can find it on the international market under such trade names as: Modiodal, Vigil, Alertec and Modasomil. Though the drug has profitable safety characteristics, in the USA for some time it was regarded as a drug that can trigger possible abuse.

Nowadays Modafinil is in list IV of controlled substances. So, its use for non-medical aims is limited by meaningful legal sanctions for possession and importation of the drug. The medication has a wide usage in medicine, including disorder of sleep associated with changes in the mode of operation.

Influence of Generic Modafinil on sports.

In 2000-2004 this substance was extreme popular among competitive athletes prior to sports controlling authorities have begun to show anxiety about the use of this medicine. In 2004 there was the doping scandal involving the company Balco, when it was noticed that many of the athletes gave a positive result for the use of tetrahydrogestrinone and also they used Modafinil.

After that, the IOC prohibits the use of this remedy. Then with the help of a number of studies it was developed a methodology detection of this chemical in the urine. Now this testing is a part of routine examination of athletes before the Olympic competition. Most other international sporting authorities had followed the example of the IOC ban on the testing of this substance. Since that moment this substance has lost its affinity as an "invisible" during inspections, nevertheless, a plenty of sportsmen, who shouldn’t have a urine test, use it.

Modafinil is often supplied in form of tablets, each pill is 100 mg and 200 mg. Don’t forget to consult with your physician before using this medicine.