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Just when you need to stay awake

Staying alert is one of those things that we need to live efficient, productive life. Alertness is a basis for such crucial everyday functions as concentration and keeping the focus on current project. Here we explain how Modavigil drug allows you to stay awake despite sleep disruptions and hard chronic conditions like narcolepsy.

So, what, actually can disrupt our wakefulness and attention/concentration during daytime hours? There are, actually several things which can:
— Night work-shift sleep disruption. Certain professions (such as night guards) may require people to avoid sleeping in the night several times per week. This may result in inability to stay alert of general feeling of weakness and drowsiness.

— Narcolepsy. While many consider it to be a psychological problem narcolepsy in fact is a chronic condition of central nervous system (CNS). Modern science can not provide clear understanding of the origins and causes of the disease though many of them think that it is related to some genetic patterns. No matter what are the causes of narcolepsy its symptoms ruin everyday alertness of many people. For example, those who suffer from narcolepsy often drop off to sleep suddenly. The worst thing is that they can not control it. Moreover, narcolepsy brings about cataplexy which is sudden muscle relaxation which can happen any moment. While some may consider that narcolepsy is a rare disease in fact around 200 000 people in the US suffer from it.

Getting rid of those symptoms that ruin normal daytime activity including job productivity is possible thanks to Modavigil drug. This drug is one of the most popular on the market due to its efficiency and safety. Besides that it is approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Modavigil can bring you back the ability to stay alert during the day without extra efforts. Moreover Modavigil is used in army as well as widely used by students preparing to their final exams. Besides that there are some lesser-known applications of Modavigil: alleviating syndromes of depression and ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).

Of course, as any efficient medication Modavigil may have some side effects. Though cases of side effects are really rare, they may be caused by overdosing or using Modafinil along with other “incompatible” medications or during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Thus consulting a doctor before using Modafinil is a must.