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Life with Provigil

Life with smart drugs.

“My examinations are near at hand. I want to be succeeding in everything. There is so much information to be learnt and so many tasks to be done… The terms are shortened in the extreme. Coffee is not my helper anymore! What is the way out of the situation? Where to start? ”

Isn’t it a casual situation? We know about such occasions the first hand. You may be a “working” student, diplomatic worker or a crazy sportsman. We all can be tired and exhausted in the cases when we must have the highest concentration.

So, let’s come back to the very beginning. Peoples’ mental abilities aren’t a fixed pointe. We can develop our capabilities by reading, doing exercises, logical training. There are other methods when we mustn’t do something. One of them is to take special preparations, like nootropics. We also call them the “smart drugs”.

What do we want to get in the result of such a questionable cooperation?

No side effects

No any sleeping feeling during the long period of time

No pressure boots

No drug habituation

Provigil is a kind of preparation we need. It really works and really helps. It was developed in the Group Lafon labs in the end of 70 th. Now it is widely used in the USA, France and European countries. What is so special in it then?  Due to the special mode of action, Provigil doesn’t cause such a side effect like amphetamine and doesn’t make us nervous like Ritalin.

Modafinile contained preparations are positioned like the somnolence remedy and they are the first in this field. All the patients speak about this preparation as “never to sleep, never to eat” medicines.

Where to buy Generic Provigil?

One big minus of Provigil was its restricted distribution and high price. All the modafinil contained preparations were ordering strict according to the doctor’s prescription. It wasn’t easy to get such medicine, as its usage and distribution were under the control all the time. At present moment, there are lots of online pharmacies that sail Generic Provigil. The price is lower and the action is the same.

What are the side effects, after all?

The standard dose of Provigil is 100-200 mg per day. You should remember that side effects definitely depend from the dosage. It is recommended to take this preparation beginning from the minimal dose and increase it gradually. We all know that most of the medicine disasters weren’t caused by the bad preparation quality, but wrong dosage. Be careful and consult your doctor first.