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Modafinil affects cognition

Study results.

Except being very effective in treating different sleep disorders, Generic Modafinil has many additional uses, which are so popular among people. The studies state that the medication has a positive influence on healthy adults who are deprived of sleep. The drug affects their cognition, improving various processes. One study of 85 adults, who suffered from sleep deprivation, found out that the dose of 400mg reduced mistakes during the Wisconsin Card Sort Test (WCST). Another study proved that a single dose of Generic Modafinil: 100mg, 200mg or 400mg was able minimally effect on RT measures or arithmetic performance.

In a study where the group received treatment with the medication, it was observed considerable improvements in logical reasoning, memory and measures of RT. It was also noticed that a dose a Modafinil dose of 200mg improved accuracy in those patients who participated after their night work shift. The results were pretty distinctive in comparison with the group, which received only placebo.

Those who experienced constant night work shift noticed that a 3-day course with Modafinil improved their mental performance, attention and immediate recalls. Stronger effects of Modafinil were noticed in patients who undergone night shifts, compared to those who didn’t have them. Nowadays, Modafinil is found to be of the most popular cognitive enhancers. It brings less negative effects in comparison with caffeine and other strong amphetamines. It is believed that Modafinil abuse is little and has no backgrounds to worry about it.

Cognitive enhancer.

When you buy Modafinil, you should know that it is a very smart drug, which can bring a lot of benefits to you, if taken in a right way. It can increase your digit span, spatial planning, stop-signal reaction time and visual pattern recognition memory. It makes it possible to solve different tasks quicker and more effectively.

Patients report to be more brisk, energetic and attentive while working. It proves one more that Modafinil can positively influence on neuropsychological task performance. Such an impact on cognition is considered to be a secondary effect of the drug. Except cognitive performance improvements, one can notice increased motivation and enjoyment from doing different tasks.

Latest data.

According to the BBC article it was found out that almost 38% out of 761 asked told that they use cognitive enhancers very often. Out of them 40% order drugs online and almost 92% are ready to try it again. Those who used cognitive enhancers mentioned Modafinil as well. It is quite popular among people.

One can order Modafinil without any problems nowadays in different online pharmacies. So there is no need to visit your doctor and get the prescription if you want to stay awake and attentive during all the night in order to catch up with some tasks. Those students, who use the drug to enhance their cognitive performance, say that it is possible to stay awake almost for 20 hours.

Generic Modafinil can increase your digit span, spatial planning, stop-signal reaction time and visual pattern recognition memory.