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Modafinil for miilitary forces

Usage of Generic Modafinil in special secret conditions.

The military of several countries have showed concernment in Generic Modafinil as a choice to amphetamines – the drugs that is traditionally used in special secret conditions where troops come into collision with loss of sleep, such as a long-term mission. The government of France stated that the Foreign Legion used this medicament during certain tactic operations. The Ministry of Defence of the United Kingdom gave instructions to investigate this drug and spent 300 000 Euros for one study. In 2011, Air Force of India has announced the inclusion of the preparation in the future plans. Medical Services of the Indian Armed Forces explores its usage.

The Army of the USA approved Modafinil for using in several operations of the air force and is being studied for other purposes.

During one investigation of helicopter pilots were offered 600 mg of it in 3 doses that may be taken to save response and accuracy on pre-deprivation levels. There was a significant level of nausea and dizziness. In another study of military pilots, it was shown that this medication in three doses (every dosing is 100 mg), maintains the accuracy of control of the flight, sleep-deprived pilots of the F-117 to about 27% of the core levels for 37 hours without any considerable side effects. While the study of 88 hour of sleep deprivation, simulating a military operation, 400mg/day dose is helpful mildly at maintaining combat readiness and performance during the placebo-control group, but some scientists concluded that this dose wasn’t high enough to offset the most part of lack of sleep.

The magazine of the Canadian Medical Association reported that Modafinil is taken by astronauts during extended missions on the International space station.

This remedy is available for the crew to optimize performance with fatigue, assists with the failure in circadian rhythms and reduced quality of astronaut’s sleep. During the high-risk, large-scale and long-term police operations, field doctors in Maryland (the USA) was allowed to give 200 mg of Modafinil once a day for law enforcement officers to improve concentration and to promote functioning with limited periods of rest.

Modafinil is widely used without a doctor’s prescription to remove the shortage of sleep. It improves short-term memory after sleep deprivation. It is also utilized without a doctor's prescription for the struggle with general lassitude unrelated to lack of sleep, for example, for the cure of disorder of attention deficit with hyperactivity and as a supplement substance to antidepressants.