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Modafinil in treating of different sleep disorders

Modafinil: indications for usage.

Modafinil (also known as Provigil oe Adrafinil) is a selective alpha 1-agonists, primarily of centrally acting. There is evidence that the drug acts through the glutamatergic system and enhances the level of the glutamic acid synthesis by inhibiting the release of GABA. The drug was developed for the treatment of narcolepsy and in 1998 it became the first drug in-class substances that promote wakefulness and are allowed in the United States.

Modafinil is often widely used in treating different sleep disorders such as inordinate sleepiness which is usually one of the signs of narcolepsy (it is a disease that is the reason of inordinate daytime sleepiness) or shift work (that is, sleepiness of workers during scheduled hours of waking and difficulties that they have when falling asleep or keeping this condition during scheduled hours).

The medication is also recommended along with different breathing devices or other kinds of treatments in order to prevent inordinate sleepiness that may be caused with the help of obstructive sleep apnea (or hypopnea) syndrome.    Sleep apnea is a type of sleep disorders by which patients stop breathing for some time or breathe not deeply many times during sleep and therefore they do not get enough time for restful sleep). The medication is in a class of medicines called agents that help to promote wakefulness.

It usually works by changing the number of specific natural substances in the human brain that control sleep and the state of wakefulness.   Besides medical treatment, the medication is often used off label by different people with different purposes. They might be students, businessmen, managers, and people leading a nightlife style or passengers flying to distant time zones. In any case, whatever your purposes are, you can buy Modafinil at the nearest drugstore of the United States of America, countries of Europe and Australia without a doctor’s prescription. But there are also many reliable and quite convenient online pharmacies: using their services, you can order Modafinil easily and it will be delivered right to your porch.

Does it help during attention deficit disorder?

According to scientists, the drugs that are usually prescribed for attention deficit hyperactivity disorders can cause the appearance of hallucinations by some children.  Researchers conducted a couple of tests and found out that by patients who used the medicines for treating attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, hallucinations occurred as a side effect of these drugs. To such drugs may refer: Ritalin, Focalin and Generic Modafinil (a medicine which is not applied for the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder by children).

According to statistics, 7% of children in the United States suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. The disease is strongly reflected in all aspects of children’s life. Usual symptoms of this condition are impulsivity, inattention and restlessness. As physicians noticed, when applying placebo in order to treat this syndrome, manifestation of delusions and hallucinations was negligible, while it was not observed in Modafinil treatment at all. But scientists warn doctors, that before prescribing the given medication for treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, specialists need to consider and discuss all the side effects of this type of drugs that are possible to appear.

Modafinil is an effective stimulant often applied in treatment of narcoleptic patients and by work shift disorder. But there are other applications.