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Modafinil - the most effective means against sleep

Get rid of your sleepiness!

Your head is getting heavier, thoughts are happily evaporating, eyes are closing inexorably – and here comes healthy sleep. However, according to statistics, a growing number of urban residents have a lack of night's sleep, for which they pay off badly for the rest of the day. Perhaps the only, but very controversial decision except for taking psycho stimulants (such as Modafinil, Modalert and Modapro) is the transition from the monophasic sleep (sleeping once a day) to a polyphasic one (sleeping several times a day).

Studies show that polyphasic sleep may slightly reduce the overall need for sleep, but in this case the patient will always have to follow the very particular regime of the day. In other way, phases of sleep and wakefulness will be confused, and it is fraught with big trouble, even for completely healthy individuals. What remains? Chemistry: natural substances and synthetic drugs which banish sleep.

Talking on the pros and cons of the traditional means of getting rid of sleepiness - coffee - is unnecessary. Energetic drinks also act, as a rule, due to a certain dose of caffeine. Meanwhile in the US there was a chemical revolution: pharmaceuticals came to help in the fight against intellectual overload and lack of time.

What is Modafinil and how does it act?

The story began in the late 70s of the last century, when the French pharmaceutical company synthesized a new drug against narcolepsy. In 1986 its trials began. It turned out, that the drug was not only opposed to narcolepsy, but just turned off for some time the need for sleep. In 1994, France started the production of tablets based on Generic Modafinil. General studies of the drug allowed announcing that it «turns off» the need for sleep for about 8 hours. It does not matter what you do – whether it is mental, physical labor, or just lying on the couch.

In 1998, the tablets from sleep were launched in the US under the brand name «Provigil». According to the US scientists, from the usage of a single tablet of the drug per day you can get only increased activity; after two tablets you might effectively work the whole day, not getting tired. Three pills a day not only will help you spend an active day, but you will not sleep through the night.   The developers of Modafinil claim - it is harmless; during its studies and sales it showed no significant side effects, except for rare cases of mild nausea and headache.

The medication was placed in the category of neuroprotective drugs, that is, drugs able to improve human intelligence. The first drug, referred to the nootropics, was developed in Belgium in 1964. While testing the brain on drugs of general validity, pharmaceuticals moved to those that affect brain function strictly, defined as Modafinil.

As the medication is often used off label according to different purposes that people might have (for improving abilities for studying, for being able to work longer, for leading a night life style or flying to distant time zones), you can easily buy Modafinil at any drugstore of the US, Australia and countries of Europe.  There are also many reliable online pharmacies where you can order Modafinil online and not taking great efforts, which is very convenient. You can be sure in safety and efficiency of the drug buying it by means of Internet pharmacies.

For many people it is extremely important to stay awake and full of energy during the day. For these purposes they can use the drug Modafinil.