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Modafinil vs Nuvigil: the main differences

What is Modafinil and how does it act on the human body?

The general term for the group of the drugs to which belongs Modafinil is «eugeroic class» (that comes from the Greek words «good» and «to awaken»), while the more common term for this type of medications is the agents promoting a state of wakefulness. Such medications are widely used in order to treat «sleep disorders», such as ADHD, narcolepsy and a popular by most professions (where people work shifts) shift work disorder of sleep. Commercial trade names for the given drug differ according to the country where they are sold and might be the following ones: Alertec, Modavigil, Modalert, Modiadal and Provigil.

However, the drug is used not only for treating different sleep diseases, but it is also taken by healthy people for a variety of purposes, while the drug increases their abilities and lets them stay awake, full of energy and with ability to think clear even during prolonged lack of sleep. For example, it is often used by students when preparing for exams because they need a high level of concentration all night long.

It is also received by managers, businessmen and programmers for improving their performance and by night lifestyle lovers. The drug is required by people who often fly to distant time zones (jet lags). The medication is widely sold around the US, Australia and Europe and you can buy Modafinil at any drugstore or order Modafinil online at one of the reliable online pharmacies even without a prescription of your doctor. As it was mentioned above, Generic Modafinil is widely received by SWSD that often influences people whose general sleep periods and work hours overlap.

The person that is influenced by this disease also becomes more irritable, prone to accidents and less mentally alert that might lead to reduction of job performance and the possibility of being hurt. The drug has fast become popular because of its capability to enhance mental vigilance, improve functions of memory and strengthen cognitive functions of the brain in general. The medication has been approved especially efficient due to its speed and vigilance – the functions that could be significantly worsened by sleepiness.

However, some people receive the drug in case when they are extremely busy or have too much to do and practically no time for this. Researchers do not understand the long-term effects of the usage of this drug yet, but they can be: hampered ability of the brain to adjust to planning and multitasking, mouth sores, skin rashes and addiction.

What is  Nuvigil and its effects?

Nuvigil refers to the same group of drugs as Modafinil, but with one little difference: it is an enantiopure – which means, that it is a substance that consists chemically of only one stereoisomer of an enantiomeric compound. It is commonly sold under two commercial trade names – Armodafinil and Nuvigil. Nowadays, the drug is used with the main aim - to treat various sleep disorders. Moreover, the FDA (the main institution in the US responsible for controlling the quality of the products) has approved its usage for the treatment of narcolepsy disease and SWSD, though by OSA it is used only as an adjunct therapy (taken to maximize the efficiency of other medications).   

Investigations in this sphere also show that the usage of Nuvigil is possible for patients with schizophrenia and jet lag disorder. The drug can be received as an appetite suppressant as well. Like Modafinil, Nuvigil is a drug prescribed usually for WSDS. The medication can be very efficient when combating the attacks of unreasonable drowsiness and sleepiness during the daytime that is responsible for so much work done poorly and many work accidents.   The drug was first approved in June 2007, and now over 1.6 million people around the world are using it.

Most part of this popularity is due to the extreme energy levels that the medication produces without any significant side effects that often appear after using such drugs as Ritalin, Adderall and other similar substances. Being a derivative of Modafinil, Nuvigil has many of similar benefits. It enhances the state of wakefulness and cognitive functions of the human brain, and many patients are confident that the stimulant effect of this drug is better than one of Modafinil. However, both drugs can be valuable for enhancing alertness and treating of inordinate sleepiness.

The main purpose of the given article is to compare two new and popular psycho stimulants that promote a state of wakefulness: Modafinil and Nuvigil.