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Modalert recommended against sleepiness

What is Modalert used for?

Sleep for people is an absolute necessity. Within 60-80 hours of sleep lack people have involuntary irresistible desire to sleep, and only the intensity of the pain stimuli can help to prolong wakefulness, but there are developed significant violations of mental functions, so that a person loses self-awareness and self-control. The record for life without sleep is about 19 days. Lack of even a small amount of sleep at night - 6 hours instead of 8 hours a few nights in a row - can cause a marked increase in the reaction time and the deterioration of the results of standard tests for mental activity.

Losing even the 4 hours of sleep per night can slow down a person's reaction by 45%. But there are moments when we do need to stay awake for much longer than our body lets us. It can be work shifts, preparation for exams or flights to distant time zones (jet lags). In such situations we are in extremely need of staying awake for as long as it is even possible. And in this case, the only way out is taking psycho stimulants.

Generic Modalert, a therapeutic and prophylactic medication, is widely used in order to reduce unreasonable sleepiness and helps people promote a more active lifestyle. The given drug effectively reduces the need for inordinate sleep during the whole day which is usually a reason of a sleep disorder famous under the name of narcolepsy. The drug is also widely taken with the aim to treat symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea, sometimes shift work sleep disorder and more often - a few other medical states.

It is a psycho stimulant of the modern generation that can easily regulate the process of waking and falling asleep of the person taking it, that sometimes is so necessary for a modern lifestyle. The first time when the substance was discovered it was late 70s of 20th century. The French pharmaceutical company «Lafon Group» is responsible for its creation. In December of 1998, the FDA gave its permission for American production and release of the given drug under the brand name «Modafinil».


Modalert is recommended to be received orally with or without meal but every day. This medicine works to eradicate unreasonable sleepiness and decreases drowsiness and tiredness. It keeps people in a state of wakefulness, provides memory and concentration, helping the patients to lead a more active and productive life. The drug is available as in form of pills in 100 mg and 200 mg. Usually the recommended adult dosage is about 200 mg received regularly in the morning and at the same time, every day. An increase in a dosage often does not give any better results. This dosage is highly advised for adults and children aged 17 and above. For older people who are above 65 a lesser dosage may be recommended by their doctor.

The medication is not recommended for children below 17. As the medication is often used off label, you can quite easily get it for your own goals without a prescription and consultation with your doctor. You can buy Modalert at the nearest drugstore around the USA, Australia and countries of Europe or order Modalert online at any of most reliable online pharmacies, it is up to you. Buying the drug online is not only safe for your wallet, easy and convenient for you, but you can also save a great amount of your money.

Online drug pharmacies always offer Modalert giving reasonable and good prices that are not expensive if to compare them to local pharmacy prices. What is more important, such pharmacies offer attractive discounts. But it is better to check whether the given online pharmacy is reputable or not before sending your order.

Modalert is recognized as a new modern psycho stimulant which helps people stay awake longer and lead a more active lifestyle than they used to.