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Modalert, the psycho stimulator that saves time

General characteristics.

Modalert (in the US - Alertec, in the European Union - Provigil, in India - Modafinil) is a psycho stimulant helping people cope with unreasonable attacks of sleepiness during the day and tiredness by enhancing the patient's mental abilities. The medication greatly improves quality of your memory, increases the sharpness of human intellect and is an excellent tool for the treatment of severe depression. Generic Modalert stimulates mental activity and reduces symptoms of inordinate sleepiness.

A good advantage of the usage of this medicine is that it does not cause any symptoms of addiction and reducing of feelings of excitement and responsibility. For those people who often practice the polyphasic sleep in order to control lucid dreaming, the usage of the drug helps make the clear mode of controlled sleep. This can be explained by the regulation of time of its validity, which usually depends on the dosage. The given drug is a nootrop with a brightly expressed effect of wakefulness.

That is, its effect lies in the ability to disable the symptoms and desire to go to bed and fall asleep. It is used quite legally as well as piracetam or glycine. As the medication is often popular for off label usage by students, businessmen, night life lovers and people flying to distant time zones (jet lags), you can easily buy Modalert at any drugstore of the US, Australia and Europe without a prescription of your doctor. There are also many reliable online pharmacies where you can order Modalert with delivery to your house.

The dosage recommendations.

The minimum dosage for the good effect is about 0.2 grams. After half an hour you feel like drowsiness never happened. At the same time there is no excitement and other characteristic features of psycho stimulants. And this is a very important moment, as Modalert does not make an exciting part of the nervous system act, but simply does not let braking patterns interfere with active wakefulness. It saves people much time, energy and attention, rather than spending them in their struggle to stay awake for longer than their body can.

This important point explains why after a night spent under the influence of the drug, on the next day there is no weakness, as if at night you just went for a coffee, for example. At higher doses of 0.3 - 0.5 gram there is expressed a nootropic effect. There is a feeling of crystal clarity of perception, more than you feel it in a normal state. The process of thinking is not so intense but rather productive, there are better tracked the causal chains, the main things stand out, the other ones drop out. Critical thinking does not change, the mind is entirely subservient to the logic. One gets the feeling that they exist in everyday life half asleep, compared with this condition.

The safety of usage and clinical studies.

Several studies have confirmed the harmlessness and pharmaco dynamics of Modalert. In the course of these studies subjects were taking the drug within a quantity of up to 4500 mg. No significant side effects were observed. The medication is also used with the aim to treat narcolepsy (uncontrollable periodic deep sleep), unreasonable sleepiness and tiredness.

Some scientists also conduct research about its usage for the treatment of prolonged depression, Alzheimer's disease and attention disorders. The drug belongs to the number of medications that have been created in order to enhance focus, also known as evgeroics. They enhance the release of dopamine and gamma-aminobutyric acid in the central nervous system.  Athletes sometimes use the drug in order to increase their physical stamina.

Modalert is a popular stimulant. It is a substance widely used for suppressing the need for sleep and for treatment of different sleep disorders.