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Modapro interesting usages

Modapro Helps Addicts.

Everybody knows that Modafinil and its generic forms, such as Modapro in most cases are used in order to treat different sleep disorders which were caused by narcolepsy, shift work disorder and sleep apnea. Such a use of the drug is approved by FDA and other additional purposes of it are not allowed to be advertised publicly for the general population. That’s why not everyone knows about different and interesting ways of using Generic Modapro.

The drug is investigated for its possible impact on cocaine dependence, which is connected with various biochemical mechanisms of the medicine. It was also noticed that clinical effects of the medication are completely opposite to the symptoms of cocaine withdrawal. There was conducted a study about one pilot during the period of 8 weeks in order to research the cocaine dependence. The amount of cocaine positive urine samples was quite lower when treated with Modapro, in comparison to the group which was taking a placebo.

The difference was noticed in the middle of the experiment. Till the end of 8 weeks it was hardly seen. In comparison with a placebo, Generic Modapro didn’t decrease the craving of cocaine, and the data of the physicians were slightly better. Dan Umanoff from the National Association for the Advocacy of Addicts didn’t like that fact that authors left these negative results in the study without any discussions. One more research conducted on people who were looking for help from cocaine addiction, found that the rate of change in cocaine users was not significantly high, but some improvements in the secondary issues were noticed.

Weight Loss.

Many studies, which were conducted on Modafinil and its generic forms, prove that the medicine has a strong appetite reducing effect. Those who find out about such a feature, at once order Modapro online. The weight loss is noticed to be higher in those groups who were taking the medication in comparison with those who had a placebo. One study of 2008 noticed an 18% caloric intake decrease in those who were taking 200 mg of the drug per day. Those who had a dose of 400 mg experienced 38% decrease.

Some experiments revealed that appetite reducing effect of Generic Modapro appeared to be the same as after different amphetamines, but in comparison with the second, the first one didn’t increase heart rate significantly. A case which was published in the Annals of Clinical Psychiatry showed a 280 pound patient who really lost almost 40 pounds after the course of the medication. In 3 years the weight was stabilized and was equal to 50 pound weight loss. Many researchers say that Modafinil and its generic forms should be used in order to treat obesity.

What else?

Except all above mentioned usages of Modapro, it is also good at reducing jet lag. It is able to increase a friendly atmosphere and mood among the workers who face with work shifts. Some even prescribe it for treating delayed sleep phase syndrome, which provokes a lot of sleep during a day, when the natural rhythm is replaced by shifted sleep schedule.

Some studies show that Modapro is very good in increasing cognitive processes. It really improves the working memory, digit span, pattern recognition memory, digit manipulation. There is no concrete information concerning its effect on executive function and spatial memory. One study revealed that the medication renewed the normal levels of ability to learn in methamphetamine addicts, but it didn’t impact on non-addicts. Nowadays the drug is really very popular at homes of many people, in spite of its slight side effects, it is widely recommended by doctors to buy Modapro and have it always at hand.