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Modavigil – a new achievement in the pharmacology

Modern drug – modern treatment.

The wonders and surprises of modern pharmacology keep appearing quite regularly: almost every day scientists develop something new and useful. Every new medication seems to be really great and helpful. Recently there have been invented a couple of killer apps for the medical industry – some chemical medicines that can substitute the state of depression with a happy disposition. Nowadays we have another promising drug that will most likely succeed in the treatment if different sleep disorders – this one lets you stay awake for forty+ hours with full mental capacity, sea of energy and just with a few side effects (usually they are a little headache or nausea).

The drug is called Modavigil. It improves functions of memory, makes better your mood, makes you more energetic and enhances your cognitive powers. The medication has a smoother feeling than used before amphetamines and makes the person receiving it to stay awake and full of energy for 40 hours and more. Once the action of the drug is over, you just have to compensate on some good and long sleep.   The given medicine is often used off label by representatives of different social levels: students, managers, businessmen, night clubbers and passengers flying to distant time zones. So the drug is sold in the drugstores of the US, Europe and Australia even without a prescription of a doctor. So you can easily buy Modavigil at the drugstore or order Modavigil online at any of reliable online pharmacies.

What effects does Modavigil have?

Sold under such commercial trade names as Provigil , Aletec and Modafinil, Generic Modavigil is a psycho stimulant approved by the US Federal Drug Administration for its capability to improve the state of wakefulness by patients that have sudden attacks of inordinate sleepiness during the day. Such attacks are connected with shift work sleep disorder, obstructive sleep apnea syndrome and narcolepsy disease.

It is not a great surprise, that a drug that gives people an excellent opportunity to keep a waking state for quite longer periods than 40 hours and keeps mental capacity with no significant side effects, has quickly acquired a reputation and widespread usage as a drug that shifts time. It is devoid of the jitteriness that is common to most drugs widely used in such a condition, such as cocaine, dextroamphetamine and the world's most famous drug, the caffeine.

What do the researchers say?

Australian scientists have recently found that people, who are driving after they have not slept for more than seventeen hours, do worse than those people with a blood alcohol level of .05 percent (the local blood alcohol limit). The studies have found out that lack of regular sleep significantly reduces people’s performance capabilities, coordination, time of reaction and clarity of judgments. 24 hours without good sleep are enough to reduce normal mental capacity of a person while it declines rapidly from that point.

So it is no surprise, that the military are showing the most active interest in the given drug. A large part of battle tiredness is the lack of regular sleep. When the military perform combat operations, almost every soldier is required to do critical for the mission tasks without having any time for rest. They have two or three weeks of full activity and constant combat readiness with just a couple of hours of sleep a day, so it is a routine and a usual thing in combat situations. For many years the military has been looking and testing new methods for safely fighting sleep deprivation and preventing the reduction of performance. A medication that increases the mental activity and alertness is Modavigil.

Modavigil is considered as the most promising and successful modern drugs able to help with the treatment of different sleep disorders.