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Modavigil: cheer your brain up

Modavigil: general information and application.

Psychiatrists from the Cambridge University have found out that the drug Modavigil promotes intellectual ability and makes better functions of memory. Initially, a drug was designed with the aim to combat narcolepsy disease. The main symptoms of this breakdown are irresistible attacks of unreasonable sleepiness. US doctors have found out that the drug helps keep fit even during quite a long sleep deprivation. After that neurologists from the University of Ohio were able to overcome the weakness of patients with multiple sclerosis with the help of this drug.

Modavigil is a medication, psycho stimulant and nootrop. It lets people successful treat narcolepsy and many other diseases. It is one of a long line of products that have many fans among healthy people. About the kind of miraculous power the drug provides the students with, no one knows exactly. The medication is usually given to hyperactive children with impaired ability to concentrate. However, addicted to it are both young students and businessmen. The drug lets spend up to 24 hours being active and full of energy.

«That is true, - agreed Eric Heiligenstein, the head psychiatrist of the Health Service of the University of Wisconsin. - Though precisely determine the quantity of the drug received by the students is almost impossible, it is quite obvious that the amount of regular users is very low, but it is nevertheless much higher than the amount of adherents of other drugs because Generic Modavigil is readily available, relatively inexpensive and does not cause much harm».   The drug is one of the best ways to stimulate the mental activity of a human being, to reduce the need for sleep and it is quite effective as treatment of depression.

Very important and good aspect is the absence by reception of any side effects: addiction, excitement or reducing the feeling of responsibility. The drug has the best ratings; many patients are completely satisfied with the effects they got. As it is used not only for treating different sleep disorders but also off-label, you can buy Modavigil at any drugstore in the USA, Europe and Australia. There are also many reliable online pharmacies where you can order Modavigil in a most convenient way.


The medication is prescribed in the form of tablets and powder. Before receiving it is taken into account that tablets contain some adjuvants while in powder form it is produced in pure form which correspondingly affects the pharmacologically active dosage of the drug. The dosage is set individually. Average daily dosage is 2-4 tablets. The drug should be taken in the morning and in the afternoon. By patients with hypertension there should be controlled blood pressure and heart rate during the period of using the drug.

By abnormal liver function the dosage is reduced to 0.1-0.2 g a day.   When applying the drug in a dose of 0.2 g in the morning, apparent effect on the night's sleep is not observed. When using 0.1 grams of the drug in the morning and afternoon individual sleep duration may increase. The drug taken in the evening can lead to different sleep disorders. At the highest dose (400 mg) Modavigil effectively relieves tiredness and recovers mental activity. But exactly the same effect has caffeine. Side effects of the drug are very small.

Modavigil is one of the best medications recommended for treatment of different sleep disorders. It is also available for many other purposes.