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Modavigil cures SWSD

Modavigil is often used in order to eliminate the symptoms which were caused by SWSD.

There were conducted a lot of clinical studies, which proved the efficacy of the medication, which was prescribed for such a case. The patients, who took part in the experiment, worked 5 night shifts a month, of which almost 3 nights were consecutive. It was planned to continue the same schedule during the whole study in order to get real results. Each shift was not longer than 12 hours, where 6 of them were between 10 p. m. and 8 a. m. Those patients who suffered from other sleep disorders were excluded from the experimental study. The patients were given a tablet of Generic Modavigil 1 hour before their night shift. During 3 consecutive nights, people who took part in the experiment were tested for different parameters.

Study results.

It was noticed that  a 12 week treatment with Modavigil and its dose of 200mg was really very safe and effective for patients with SWSD. There were a lot of benefits in the group of people who got the treatment with Modavigil, in comparison with those who got only placebo. The experiment proved that 12 week treatment with the medication is good and safe for adults who suffer from sleep disorders. Patients were given the dosages of 200mg and 300mg.

Mental improvements.

When you buy Modavigil, it will not only help you to get rid of excessive sleep but will enhance your mental capacity. The same was noticed during the experiment. There were quite good improvements in the work of mental processes. The group which received the dose of 300mg had more positive effects on the mental performance, than a group which got 200mg. Modavigil provided patients with good quality of life during their night shifts, which made it easier to work during such stressful hours.

Enhanced motivation.

Usually those who face with SWSD feel always depressed and anxious. They see the world in grey colors. Not everyone knows, when you order Modavigil that it can enhance your motivation and desire to do many things, as a secondary effect. Everybody used to the thought that the drug is only prescribed for treating different sleep disorders. After the study there were reported great improvements in the mood of patients, who suffered from shift work sleep disorder. They got more motivation and desire to accomplish many things. Their work didn’t seem so nasty for them anymore.