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Modavigil: general information and ways of usage

Modavigil – what is it used for?

Modavigil is the central stimulant (psycho stimulant) which is approved in the USA as the main help in the treatment of narcoleptic patients (ailment which can be characterized by sudden attacks of unreasonable sleepiness, tiredness or inordinate sleepiness) and various sleep disorders that might be caused by any changes in the operating mode of an organism. There were conducted tests on the quality of the drug, including its role as an agent in treating of Alzheimer's disease, cases of deep depression and attention disorder.

Generic Modavigil belongs to a kind of drugs that are famous as evgeroics (stimulators) that contribute mental alertness and increasing of attention. The one of most known mechanisms of action of such drugs is the one, due to which the drugs have influence on your mood, increasing the energy by enhancing the dopamine release in the central nervous system. This action also leads to changes in the levels of GABA and glutamate. In different researches of the drug as a psycho stimulant it was found out that the given drug has more advantages compared with the drugs which belong to amphetamine class.

Does Modavigil affect your health?

To begin with, the given substance should have a quite lower possibility for abuse due to the fact that its impact does not cause the same euphoria as other similar drugs. Moreover, the medication has minimal influence on peripheral CNS stimulation (that is, there are less side effects), it has a minimal impact on the blood pressure and does not cause any disruption of sleep process (hangover or need to compensate the lack of sleep). According to various clinical trials, Modavigil has more reliable safety profile. The drug is even received by the US military as an energetic stimulant for pilots and soldiers when they require staying awake during long operations or periods of time when they cannot or do not have time for sleep.

This does not look as strange as it might seem, because military pilots and soldiers widely used to take amphetamine during long periods of military operations when they had a lack of regular sleep. Those soldiers, who used the drug, are confident that it helps them to keep excellent cognitive function of the brain for up to thirty hours without falling sleep, and it has fewer side effects than amphetamine. The medication has been also tested in combat situations, such as Afghanistan and war in Iraq, and possibly in the future it will get an official usage as a special substance used during the war.

Recently, Modavigil has become famous among competitive athletes. They take it not only as a medication but as a stimulant, enhancing their performance and physical stamina. Such way of usage is likely to be a surprise for the creators of the drug, because it does not have any strong effects, and cannot actually improve the level of athletic performance. But various modern researches contradict this statement. A study that took place in USA found that taking of the drug can provide many sporting benefits. In a double blind study there took part fifteen male volunteers, who received a dosage of the drug 4 mg per kg body weight or placebo.

In three hours after the meal they did various aerobic exercises on a cycle ergometer at about 85% of its maximum aerobic capacity, until they became completely exhausted. Taking Modavigil, men could do exercises for much longer periods of time (up to 30% longer), and used more oxygen intake at the load. It was also reported about the decrease of perceived tension, and as a result, there was a marked increase in performance during the training.  If you want to buy Modavigil, there are many reliable online pharmacies, where you can order Modavigil easily and it will be delivered right to your front door.

Modavigil is a wide-spread drug which is highly recommended for treatment of depression, different sleep disorders and keeping of waking state.