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Modavigil improves stamina of pilots

What is Modavigil used for?

Modavigil is licensed as a treatment for narcolepsy - a pathological unreasonable sleepiness by which a person can unexpectedly fall asleep, often when it is needed to do some responsible and even dangerous job. It is quite a unique product which acts on definite brain centers and lets people regulate their waking process themselves.

The drug can be also used in order to save the clarity of thoughts during quite a long absence of normal sleep. So it is not a big surprise, that the medication, allowing to be awake and full of energy for more than forty hours, which also fully preserves the physical and mental abilities, does not have the effect of "hangover". It has quickly gained its popularity and fame worldwide and as the medication that stops time.

Generic Modavigil also does not have any meaningful side effects that are common to other psycho stimulants of this type (popular cocaine, caffeine, and of course amphetamine), such as, for example, a hand shake. In the modern world psycho stimulants are irreplaceable for all people: students, hard workers and lovers of nightlife. The drug helps a lot of people in situations where they are in need of the best shape and excellent tone so that they could use their full potential for achieving their goals.

It is quite a powerful stimulant, which improves memory and sharpness of intellect and makes other parameters of mental activity function better. It effectively relieves tiredness and recovers cognitive function of the human brain.    As the drug is often used off label, you can easily buy Modavigil at the nearest drugstore around the USA, Australia and European countries. There are also many reliable online pharmacies where you can order Modavigil online in a most convenient for you way.

How does Modavigil help pilots?

Pilots of the US F-117A stealth successfully took Modavigil and flew at high speeds for 18.5 hours continuously! These results were just incredible for scientists and command. Until now, this result is considered to be a world record, and Modavigil allowed implementing it. In addition, the pilots showed also improvement of the fighting abilities: they made decisions quickly, and literally showed surgical precision when firing. These soldiers on these machines took part in the Iraq operation "Desert Storm."

During the test pilots got the dosage of Modavigil every 5 hours. They were connected to a special computer with sensors that transmit for the scientists different indicators of their activity. Pilots were tested not only during the training missions. There was also assessed their capability to solve mathematical equations and plan military operations. There was explored a pupil movement and exact change of its size. The scientists noticed that within the first 25 hours greatly increased the ability of the tested pilots, then they remained unchanged, from the 33rd to 38th hour there was a slight decline, but the decline did not return the pilots to a normal level. In general, the results showed an increase in combat efficiency of the pilots by 60-100%.

Today, the drug is widely used and available in more than twenty countries worldwide under the brand name Modavigil. Among them: the United States, South Korea, Great Britain, Luxembourg, Ireland and Italy. It is on the list of medicines US №IV. Preparations in this list have fewer adverse effects than, for example, the drug from 3d and 2nd ones.

Modavigil is a new but quite effective medication influencing our body and making it act better. It is widely used for fighting sleepiness by pilots.