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Modavigil - not a narcotic nor a stimulant

Generic Modavigil is not a narcotic, nor a stimulant.

It is a nootropic with a clear effect of wakefulness, as its effect is to disable the symptoms of " I can't, I want to sleep". Its usage is legally, so as the use of Piracetam or Glycine. Is not addictive and, apparently, resistance! It isn’t an amphetamine, despite such pronounced effects. The minimum dose for this effect is 0.2 grams. After 20-30 minutes the sleepiness goes away. At the same time, there is no excitation, euphoria and other symptoms that are characteristic for amphetamines.

And this is very important, as some  spur of the sympathetic part of the nervous system, not just provides inhibitory structures of the brain interfere with active wakefulness. This allows you to save your attention and energy to spend them, and not struggle with sleep. This moment might explain the fact why after a night spent under Modavigil there is no weakness on the following day, as if the night was spent on coffee, for example.

When the dose was increased to 0.3 to 0.5 grams, appears pronounced nootropic effect. The effect is similar to a mixture of Gammalon and Carphedon, which is valid almost immediately. There is a feeling of crystal clarity of perception, of attention, much more than in ordinary life. The thinking process is not as intense, efficient and productive, better tracked the causal chain, is eliminated secondary and  highlighted the main thing - attention doesn’t  scatter. The drug has no effect on critical thinking, thinking subjects to logic entirely. There is a feeling that in ordinary life is half-asleep, compared with this condition. To be honest, this understanding satisfies.

Individuals, who buy Modavigil, know that it has a positive impact on coordination, reaction and physical strength, even after its action ( it is about 6 - 8 hours). Drinking energetic drinks and other similar cocktails  isn’t recommended while taking this substance, because here is an unpleasant tachycardia. Medical specialists don’t advise to smoke at the end of action of Modavigil, as after its expiration there are possible negative results, such as severe fatigue.

It is better not to use this medical preparation for replacing sleep more than for two days in a row. The brain needs rest, even if you do not feel it,  the need  doesn’t disappear. On the other hand «No pain - no game». If you can't buy this remedy in the drugstores of your country, you can order Modavigil via the Internet. But pay attention to the presence of good reviews on the website.