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Narcolepsy – Cheap Treatment with Generic Provigil

There are so many people that suffer from an exhausting neurologic disorder called narcolepsy. Not all of them are able to afford the expensive treatment most of the doctors recommend. So what’s the solution, leave the flow of the disorder as it is, stop fighting the symptoms that make a normal life impossible? Probably, ten years ago this was the only option besides the expensive treatment plan that involves constant intake of such prescription medicines as Provigil. Fortunately, today the situation is absolutely different. There are identical drugs that can be bought several times cheaper. Let’s find out more about them.

Why these medicines became available namely today?

Actually, the cheaper medicines to treat narcolepsy, or more precisely, promote normal level of wakefulness in the disorder, have been available for people from different countries for years. We are talking about their availability in the Europe and America nowadays.

These medicines are named Generic Provigil by the online pharmacies. They are manufactured by other pharmaceutical companies than that who registered the name Provigil and widely advertised it. As we already mentioned the online drugstores, let’s see why namely they are able to sell Generic Provigil. Today, you can buy cheaper analog of Provigil legally namely thanks to the online drugstores. On the territory of the majority western countries only registered brand names on their territory are being marketed legally. However, list of regulations, taxes, corrupt officials, and high production costs make them insanely expensive. You can buy cheaper analogs of Provigil in your country, but only on a black market, which is quite dangerous for your health and can possibly start your criminal record. Therefore, if you want to receive a good treatment and stay out of prison, you have to options: either buy expensive prescription medicines at your local pharmacies or order their analogs at online drugstores twice or thrice cheaper.

Is Generic Provigil as effective as Provigil?

As was already mentioned above, the medicines are identical. Their differences lie in the registered name and price. “Why then the generic version is cheaper?”, you may ask. The answer is simple, the manufacturers of the medicines, the names of which you don’t know, spend much less money on the manufacturing and marketing of their medicines. Moreover, they do not create the new formulas; they use only those already used by the large companies. You can call such policy dumping, but they allow people with the low income have their treatment and do not become bankrupt. Moreover, they do not use the registered name that belongs to other pharmaceutical companies, so they are not stealing or making counterfeit products. Isn’t it a good deal for the narcolepsy patients?

How to buy Generic Provigil safely and avoid being scammed?

Though the identical to Provigil medicines exist and are much cheaper than their widely advertised expensive analog, some dishonest online drugstores do sell fake medicines. The first rule of buying Generic Provigil online is to find a reliable online pharmacy. The trustworthiness of the pharmacy is easily identified: check the customers reviews on the website of the pharmacy, google the reviews of the pharmacy on unbiased websites, compare the prices for Generic Provigil pills and avoid the lowest ones.

If you are still suspicious, you can check and compare the ingredients of the drug marketed under Provigil brand name and the medicine you plan to purchase. All this information is available online. However, if you cannot find the compound of a certain drug on the website of the pharmacy, you can contact its support managers. Most likely they will provide you with this information or even show the photo of the medicine’s label. If they are reluctant – look for another option.

Buying Generic Provigil online – avoid customs duties

Different countries have their own customs regulations and duties. Before ordering the drug online, check the current law to be sure that you won’t be charged any additional fees. However, some online pharmacies manage to sell generics even to the countries with the most rigid laws. Contact customers support managers of the pharmacy in order to find out whether they can solve this problem. You can also look for the specialized online forums where people from different countries share their experiences of online medicines purchases and provide useful tips. You will definitely find the information you need, just be ready to spend some time on it. Approaching Generic Provigil online purchase responsibly, you will save your money, health and nerves. And of course, avoid any problems such as scamming or legal problems.


Remember not to make a self diagnosis. Start using Generic Provigil only after a comprehensive checkup and if a doctor recommends you to do so. We do not say that you need to go to your doctor every month, but the initial right diagnosis can be made only by a specialist. Of course, you would need also some regular checkups. Be ready also to adhere to the dosages of the medicine that your doctor prescribed or recommended. If you buy Generic Provigil without a prescription, it doesn’t mean that you can take it irresponsibly. Always observe your symptoms and symptoms of overdose or occurrence of side effects to be ready to take the necessary urgent measures such as contact your doctor or even call the ambulance.