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New smart drug Modalert

Modalert is the drug which improves memory and significantly stimulates the improving of your mood.

It affects particular brain chemicals that are responsible for wake cycle that is why the drug is proved to increase wakefulness, vigilance and attention capacity as well. A big number of students use Modalert in order to stay awake during the period of exams. Its benefits as a neuroenhancer are highly praised and proven. It is very common among the students of many American and British universities.

If to compare Modafinil and other usual traditional enhancers the first one appear to be cleaner and smoother in its action and effects. It is not likely to cause jitteriness, excessive locomotor activity or anxiety. The hypersomnolent “rebound effect” is also very low. Modalert is often used in order to stay awake during working period for those who deal with work schedules which are not normal and interfere with a regular sleep. Its main usage is to treat such sleep disorders as shift work disorder, narcolepsy and sleep apnea.

Except the general population, US military also have some interest toward the medication. It was regularly used by Allied combat soldiers in Iraq and Gulf Wars. The Astronauts of the International Space Station also used Generic Modalert. There are a lot of experiments where Modafinil and its forms, such as Modalert are used in order to treat depression, Alzheimer’s disease, attention-deficit disorder (ADHD), chronic fatigue and weakness, myotonic dystrophy, jet-lag and amnesia. The recommended dosage of Modalert is usually 200 mg, which is taken once a day.

Such doses of 400 mg are given as single were tolerated normally and there were no evidence that a higher amount of the medicine can lead to greater benefits than recommended one. If you buy Modalert, be sure that it is not addictive and can act from 12 up to 15 hours. It is recommended to take the medicine orally with or without meal, usually one time a day, preferably in the morning or afternoon.

How should I take Modalert?

If you use the medication in order to treat shift work disorder take it 1 hour before your work shift. There is no remedy without any side effects. Of course, if you follow all the advice of your doctor and do not violate the recommended dose, you will not face with different withdrawal symptoms. Among the most often side effects are headache, rhinitis, and nervousness, pain in the back, anxiety, dyspepsia, dizziness, insomnia and diarrhea. You should tell your doctor at once if notice any of all above symptoms, because in some cases it can lead to serious consequences, such as agitation, depression, hallucinations, confusion and abnormal thoughts.

A strong allergic reaction on this drug was not noticed. In spite of this, if you notice any rash, peeling, blisters or itching stop taking the drug and tell your doctor about it. It is very significant to consult with your doctor before you go and buy Modalert. Tell your physician about possible hypersensitivity to the medication and its possible ingredients. Certainly mention all previous cardiovascular diseases, cardiac conditions, including mitral valve prolapsed and left ventricular hypertrophy.

Before you order Modalert.

Before you order Modalert tell the doctor about all the medications, vitamins and herbs you are taking at the moment. It is explained by the fact that Modafinil can slow or conversely speed up the removal and work of other medicines in your body, influencing on particular liver enzymes. Modalert may have impact on antidepressants, phenytoin, diazepam, propranolol, triazolam, cyclosporine and theophylline. It is also recommended to avoid different MAO inhibitors before 2 weeks, during and even after taking the medication.