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No abuse and tolerance with Armodafinil

Does Generic Armodafinil cause abuse, withdrawal or tolerance?

According to the reviews, this wakefulness aid is the best energy pill that has the ability to elevate attention and mental clarity. Armodafinil is the strongest drug among other smart drugs. Some patients afraid to take this drug as they believe it to be very addictive. The key to safety is correct dosage habits, although some other similar supplements can be safer in the long run.

Is Armodafinil weaker than Modafinil?

We can look at similar nootropic drugs to find out whether Armodafinil provokes tolerance, addiction or abuse. Those drugs should have a proven track record. As you know, Armodafinil is the latest version of Modafinil, the cognitive enhancer that is also well-known under brand Provigil. Those drugs are different, although, the drugs are identical at the molecular level. Armodafinil has been created as an enantiopure version. The drug has only the R-isomer out of the bonded pair of isomers in Modafinil.

This fact does not make Modafinil stronger than Armodafinil. This drug is very effective at lower dosage and its effect lasts longer. Its abuse risk is very low. This drug promotes wakefulness effect through the release of CNS histamines which trigger various neurochemicals. It does not trigger the extreme dopamine spikes connected with amphetamines. 

How does this drug work?

However, Armodafinil’s connection with dopamine may not be identical. The drug blocks the actions of certain dopamine transporters at the synapses what prevents the reuptake of dopamine in the brain and leads to higher levels of dopamine overall. Due to its dopamine enhancement and greater strength, Generic Armodafinil is known to be more addictive that Modafinil and for this reason it should be used carefully.

The patient should take correct dose to avoid negative effects and risk of addiction. Armodafinil cannot cause withdrawal, addiction or abuse if you take the recommended dose. Patients suffering from narcolepsy should take 250mg pill per day in the mornings. Patients suffering from Shift Work Sleep Disorder should take 200 – 250 mg per day prior to a work shift.  But you can use Armodafinil at lower doses for nootropic use. Typically, this dose varies from 100 to 150 mg per day and it can be divided into 3 parts, taken morning, at noon and early afternoon.

Please note that the dose increased up over 250 mg per day will not increase effect. This action can just lead to more negative effects.

Generic Armodafinil is the best energy pill that has the ability to elevate attention and mental clarity.