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Nuvigil helps with jet lag

What is jet lag?

Jet lag is known to be a medical condition which occurs often if you face with different long and distant travels on the aircrafts. It results from the changes in the circadian rhythms of your body. Previously it was classified as a circadian rhythm sleep disorder. Jet lag may last for several days, until you fully get accustomed to a new tile zone and atmosphere. Jet lag is closely connected with pilots, airline crews and those people who like to travel long distances and cross several time zones. There are some regulations of airlines which help to get rid of fatigue symptoms which are caused by jet lag.

The term “jet lag” is often used, because before a passenger arrives on a jet aircraft it was not previously common and popular to travel long distances very fast, which could be a reason for having such a condition. Trips were much slower and the distances were not so long.

Nuvigil for Jet Lag.

There are many ways to eliminate the symptoms of jet lag and Generic Nuvigil is one of them. Everybody would be happy to get a pill which can help to decrease an unpleasant feeling while crossing several time zones or traveling very fast.  The medication is not approved by FDA for this additional off-label usage. In spite of this many order Nuvigil for such purposes. There was given the second thumbs down to the drug maker Cephalon Company’s application to admit selling Nuvigil for fighting with jet lag, FDA demanded more information and supporting data.

The company supplied Food and Drug Administration with all the required information, but still it was not enough for them. Currently the company doesn’t pursue this intention, because doesn’t believe that FDA will approve it in the nearest future. Still, many buy Nuvigil when are going to travel long distances or cross a couple of time zones. You should not include Nuvigil into your daily routine. It is a very strong drug which requires much caution and attention.

It is very important to remember about the most common side effects when you are taking the medication while traveling. It is possible that you will face with nausea, headaches and diarrhea, that’s why, be attentive with it. And do not overdose the medication. Follow your entire doctor’s advice and you will have no problems with the rug.

Nuvigil is not only good at enhancing wakefulness; it is good in eliminating the symptoms which are connected with such a condition as jet lag.