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Nuvigil in fight with sleep disorders

Nuvigil treats OSA, narcolepsy and other sleep disorders.

Nuvigil is the drug which helps patients liquidate severe sleepiness which is associated with narcolepsy and treat other sleep disorders (difficulty or shortness of breath during sleep, that is obstructive sleep apnea). It is also recommended to use in order to maintain the waking state when working on schedule, contrary to the normal cyclical nature of sleep and wakefulness.

The way of action of this medication has not been elucidated yet. It is assumed that it acts by influencing the activity of certain biochemical in the brain which controls the sleep cycle. The drug does not compensate the lack of sleep and should not be taken in order to relieve fatigue or abstinence from sleep by people who do not suffer from sleep disorders. It is also not desirable for use by children.

Before you order Nuvigil and start taking the medication, read the information about the drug in the leaflet that can be taken from the pharmacist. You can buy Nuvigil at any drugstore in the US or order it via Internet. The medication is prescribed for oral administration with food or without having a meal, usually one time a day and in the morning (unless the doctor prescribed you something else).

If you are taking the medication in order to treat the sleep disorder caused by shift work, use it in one hour before you start working (unless otherwise is directed by a physician). If you are using the drug to treat obstructive sleep apnea, keep taking it as your usual treatment, if the doctor does not cancel it. The dosage depends on the state of your health and individual reaction to the treatment. For best results, use the medication exactly as it is directed by your doctor. In rare cases, the drug might cause the pathological addiction to it. Do not increase the dosage, or take it more often or longer than it is scheduled. Stop taking the drug exactly as it is prescribed by your doctor.

Usage of Generic Nuvigil.

Today Generic Nuvigil is taken by the representatives of many professions that require long wakefulness: army, special forces, doctors, ambulance staff, police officers and firefighters. It is also popular among taxi drivers, truckers, and even programmers. Professional athletes also often become a target segment of producers of this medication. The drug can not be detected in any doping test.

From unofficial sources, there are several cases of usage of the drug by professional athletes. In addition, in the US, it became one of the most popular club drugs, allowing people to dance from the evening until the morning, and then come home, go to bed calmly and wake up not feeling any effects of the last night. But parties are not the one way of its using.

Pilots of US F-117A stealth have successfully taken the drug in order to fly at high speeds for 18.5 hours nonstop! These results just astonished the scientists and the command. Until now, these results are considered to be a world record, and Nuvigil was the key to success. In addition, the pilots showed the improvement of the fighting abilities: they were able to make decisions quickly, and showed surgical precision when firing. These soldiers on these machines took part in the Iraq operation "Desert Storm."

During the test pilots received the dose of medication every 5 hours. They were connected to a computer with special sensors that transmitted for the scientist various indicators of their activity. Pilots were tested not only in the training missions.  Their ability to solve mathematical equations and plan military operations was also assessed. It was explored the pupil movement and change of its size. The scientists noted that within the first 25 hours the ability of the subjects were greatly increased, then they remained stable. Overall, the results showed an increase in combat effectiveness of the pilots by 60-100%.