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Nuvigil uses

Nuvigil is prescribed in order to treat different sleep disorders and improve the wakefulness.

In obstructive sleep apnea Nuvigil is given to cure excessive sleep but not as a basic treatment for the disorder. The normal and recommended dosage of the medication for people who suffer from narcolepsy or OSA is from 150 mg to 250 mg, which should be taken orally one time a day, usually in the morning. Those patients who have OSA and are prescribed the dose of 250 mg tolerate it in a good way but there is no exact evidence that this amount of medicine brings more benefit than 150 mg. Those who suffer from Shift Work Disorder are recommended to take 150 mg every day orally approximately 1 hour before you start working.The dosage for patients with hepatic impairment must be reduced. Geriatric patients are usually prescribed lower doses and must be closely monitored.


Nuvigil can be contraindicated in people who suffer from hypersensitivity to armodafinil or modafinil or its other inactive ingredients.


Nuvigil hasn’t been studied in pediatrics, so it is not yet allowed to give it to little children. Such things as hypersensitivity and angioedema were noticed in adults who were taking Generic Nuvigil. In such a case patients are advised to stop treatment and tell their doctor about the symptoms and signs that appeared.

Constant Sleepiness.

Those, who experience abnormal sleep and take the medication will not return to normal wakefulness. Such patients must be constantly checked for their level of sleepiness, and are sometimes advised to avoid driving a car or doing other activities which require a lot of attention and brisk reaction.


One should be very cautious when taking the medicine. It is not recommended to prescribe it for people who already had the history of depression, psychosis or even mania. If psychiatric symptoms appear while taking Nuvigil, the medication should be stopped. Nuvigil didn’t show to cause much impairment. But the patients should remember that it is not advised to operate automobile or other dangerous machinery until it is understood how Nuvigil influences on the overall organism.

Clinical Experience.

Nuvigil has been reported to be safe in almost 1,100 patients who suffered from excessive sleep, caused by such disorders as SWD, narcolepsy and OSA. One should understand that all clinical researches are conducted under different conditions, and the reaction which was observed in these trials cannot be fully compared with those in practice.