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Provigil during pregnancy

As any other medication Provigil has its positive and negative sides.

It is recommended to tell the doctor about all the things which bother or bothered you, before you go and buy Provigil. It is very important to tell him about the fact that you are pregnant or your plans to carry a child. It is yet unknown whether Provigil can badly influence or not on the fetus. If you are prescribed this medication, you must know that it makes the birth control pills little effective, so it would be difficult to avoid pregnancy. That’s why one should discuss with the doctor the best way to avoid this while taking the remedy.

FDA defined Provigil to pregnancy category C.

Several studies over animals revealed such a thing as embryo toxicity when there was absence of maternal toxicity. It was reported that 7 births were normal in those women who got Provigil during pregnancy period. One child appeared 3 week earlier, but it was healthy. A woman, who had the history of spontaneous pregnancy, experienced a spontaneous abortion while taking the medication. There is no yet controlled and fixed data concerning human pregnancy in the relation to Provigil. One thing is clear, that the medicine can be taken during this period when there more advantages of it than disadvantages.

There is no precise information about Generic Provigil emission into the breastfeeding milk. Of course, it is recommended to be very attentive if such a woman takes the medicine while feeding a baby. In most cases it is not recommended to take it during the period of breastfeeding. Some data say that in several cases Provigil stimulated dopamine. This simulation of dopamine restrains the release of prolactin, which can suppress milk production.

The amphetamine usage of the medication is mostly studied, though it is not fully convincing. It tells about some congenital malformations, prematurity, and low weight during a birth. Some researchers say that there were observed various withdrawal symptoms in newborn babies, such as drowsiness, nervousness, respiratory distress. The data can’t be considered fully adequate, but as there are not so many examples concerning Provigil taking during pregnancy there is no strong bias against this.

There is even such a thing as Pregnancy Registry. It is a registration for those women, who got pregnant while taking Provigil. The aim of the project is to gather as much information as possible about the influence of the medication on a pregnant female. If you know already that you are going to have a little child, and you were taking Provigil, tell the doctor to help you contact Pregnancy Registry.