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Provigil helps alcoholics control themselves

Studies of the effect of the new generation stimulant Provigil.

In June issue of the journal Psychiatric «Tijdschrift voor psychiatrie», in the section of leading researches, there was published some important information on the results of the studies of the effect of the new generation stimulant Provigil (Modafinil) on cognitive control of patients with alcohol addiction. The author was Lianne Schmaal from Free University of Amsterdam. 

Rationale for the study:

Reducing of the cognitive control is an important characteristic of addiction and determines response to the treatment and the likelihood of relapse. The given medication may improve cognitive functioning by various psychiatric disorders, although the underlying mechanisms of its action are little known. The effect of the drug on cognitive control by people with alcohol addiction has never been investigated.

The study problem:

Does the drug improve cognitive control by patients with alcohol addiction, and what are the neurobiological mechanisms of its action?


In this randomized, placebo-controlled and double-blind crossover study, its participants were coming to the University Medical Center for two days and at the same time on one day they received placebo tablet, while on the other one - a single dose of Provigil (200 mg). In two hours after the reception by 15 participants with alcohol addiction and 16 control subjects was mapped activation of the interaction between different networks in the brain. Then the degree of cognitive control by study participants was measured by the index of Stroop Interference Test.

Under the networking of the brain were meant interconnected by virtue of active communication parts of the brain. These networks can be identified in the course of implementation of the cognitive task, and also in the state of rest by using independent component analysis. For example, there are networks that are activated when performing tasks on cognitive control. Another network, the so-called network structure '' default '' is active primarily in the state of rest and is involved in thinking about its own feelings and actions. This network is to be suppressed when performing cognitive tasks. That is, between the network structure '' default '' and network structure of cognitive control there is a competitive relationship.

Main results:

In the participants with alcohol addiction, the drug strengthened a competitive relationship between network structure '' default '' and network structure of cognitive control, and by the participants of the control group it did not. The increase of competition caused by the drug was accompanied by improved performance on the test of Stroop.

Implications for the Future:

The results of this study let better understand the mechanism of action of Generic Provigil in the brain. As it turned out, the improvement of cognitive control functions by the drug happened due to not only a change in the activation of certain parts of the brain, but also the impact on the interaction between large network structures of the brain. Future clinical trials are designed to show how effective the medication is in the treatment of alcohol addiction.

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Clinical trials show how effective Generic Provigil is in the treatment of alcohol addiction. The drug improves cognitive control functions.