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Provigil improves self-control

Provigil is an analeptic that is often used for the treatment of sleepiness associated with narcolepsy disease.

The drug acts as a bracing remedy against excessive sleepiness. It increases concentration and allows you to stay awake and active for more than a day while maintaining high tone of your mental activity, without lethargy and poor state of your health. This means that the drug prolongs your performance in extreme cases, when you urgently need to be awake for longer period of time than the body can take.

The drug is considered to be a stimulant of life activity, keeping the reaction of the body awake longer than it does in the natural biorhythms of the individual mode. It refers to a group of psycho stimulants and may be useful for representatives of the following professions:  ambulance staff, truckers, taxi drivers and combatants. The tests of Generic Provigil were carried out on American pilots who set the record of staying in the air with the help of this drug. Tests have shown the possibility of the US military to be awake for forty hours while maintaining the functionality of concentration and mental activity.

This means of increasing of the time of the activity of the body is considered as doping, and it is not recommended to use by professional athletes. For those who want to preserve the mental and physical tone for longer than allowed by the body, the drug provides increased capacity of the organism. The drug is prescribed in the following cases: for the treatment of narcolepsy, for treating of abnormal sleepiness (hypersomnia), if it is necessary to extend the psycho-physical activity, if it is necessary to improve psychomotor activity, for people with chronic fatigue and patients with myotonic dystrophy and depression, for treating of the syndrome of seasonal affective disorder.

Experts from the University of Amsterdam also found out a way how to cope with poor self-control with the help of Provigil. Such problem often leads to alcoholism, drug addiction and overeating, so scientists claim that in this situation the drug may help a lot. The substance has been already used by sleep disorders; it also has a positive effect on cognitive abilities. This has been proven in the experiment, which involved patients with schizophrenia and hyperactivity syndrome.

Scientists conducted a study about the impact of the drug on people with alcohol dependence. The experiment involved two groups - control and alcoholics’ ones. Participants had to perform a series of exercises (called check stoplight). Meanwhile there was tested brain activity. It was found out that the medication increased self-control in a group of alcoholics (there was a braking of response signal). At the same time they had worse reaction than at the beginning of the experiment. Brain scans confirmed such results.

As the medication is often used by healthy people as off-label (among them are students, body builders, athletes, lovers of leading a night lifestyle and passengers flying to different time zones), it is possible to buy Provigil without doctor’s prescription at any drug of the US, Australia and countries of Europe. There are also many reliable online pharmacies where you can order Provigil in a most convenient for you way.

Generic Provigil increases concentration and allows you to stay awake and active for more than a day while maintaining high tone of your mental activity.