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Safety and pharmacodynamics of Modavigil

Generic Modavigil is a medical preparation which is utilized to cure drowsiness associated with narcolepsy (sudden sleep and drowse).

It became popular to use this substance not on medical prescriptions or so-called off-label, as a safe stimulant. Are you eager to learn how to be awake and active during 24 hours? It will help you to succeed in many aspects of your life, as you will be able to do much more than usually do. Think about whether you want to have more opportunities and not to be depending on whims of your body? Get rid of restrictions and you will get pleasure from "unexplained" achievements and incredible personal achievements!

The advanced American population has made this drug more popular than coffee.

This is a natural thing, after all twenty years ago caffeine was used for the mobilization of the U.S. army. Caffeine has gained popularity and came into use eventually and doses grew and grew. If an average American took 70mg of caffeine per day twenty years ago, now it is considered as a norm to take even 300 mg of it.

However, tolerance and positive effects produces to caffeine rapidly that were observed at the start, then they fade away gradually and a person needs some coffee just to feel normal again. This preparation does not have such effects and it is suitable for continuous use with minimal health effects.

Today Modavigil is taken by representatives of many professions that require long awake: army, special forces, doctors, ambulance staff, police officers and firefighters. Taxi drivers, truckers and even programmers also buy Modavigil for improving their capabilities.

The safety and pharmacodynamics of Modavigil have been described in several studies which were conducted outside the USA.

During these studies this drug was taken orally in amounts up to 4500 mg without existence of considerable clinical side effects. The same studies have not reported any statistically or clinically significant hemodynamic changes in heart rate or blood pressure in patients or healthy volunteers, which applied the test dosage of this substance.

It is necessary to consult a doctor before taking Modavigil, especially for those who:

Has hypersensitivity to the drug or other constituents of these tablets (such as lactose or lactose monohydrate), or suffered a cardiovascular disease, especially in the period of receiving other stimulants or cirrhosis.

Has heart disease, particularly left ventricular hypertrophy or mitral valve prolapse. Asymptomatic mitral valve prolapse is common, but notably not discussed in the context of the usage of this remedy.

If you are about to order Modavigil, you should know that this medical preparation may reduce the effectiveness of certain contraceptives that may lead to an unplanned pregnancy. In combination with yohimbine causes a dangerous increase in heart rate and increased blood pressure. The drug should not be combined with alcohol. Side effects are rare, stop taking it or reduce dosage in the manifestation of a dangerous symptom.