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Smart drug - Modavigil

What is Modavigil?

Modavigil is considered to be a stimulant which boosts wakefulness in patients who suffer from different sleep disorders. Its active component is Modafinil. Modafinil nowadays is sold under many different brand names and Modavigil is one of them, which is popular in such countries as New Zealand and Australia. Due to the number of positive effects, Generic Modavigil is often taken without any prescriptions.

Is it a Smart Drug?

Modavigil is considered to be a smart drug, but it doesn’t influence on the cognitive processes directly. The drug is able to enhance your mental performance, which is known to be a secondary effect of it. Those who used the medicine, tell that it helped them to remain alert, motivated and fresh during difficult work or stressful period of studying. It gives more concentration, which gives a chance to finish various projects. Besides, it increases the focus, that’s why many are so eager to try the medication.


Modavigil is the drug which belongs to eugeroics – a class of medications. From Greek the word literally means “good excitement”. It is provided due to the natural feelings of alertness and wakefulness. Eugeroics is a subset of the group analeptics and is considered to be safer with low risks of different side effects. Moreover, it won’t threaten your cardiovascular system.

Smart Modavigil.

Modavigil was formulated in order to treat narcolepsy, sleep apnea and shift work disorder in those patients who faced with unusual hours in their life. With time it was noticed that the medication is good at treating fatigue and weakness. It increased productivity. It became very popular among users who used smart drugs. Many students and people who occupied high positions reported that the drug helped them to enhance their focus. It became easier for them to deal with various papers, projects. They didn’t postpone those tasks anymore.

Mechanism of Action.

The mechanism of the drug is not fully understood in the modern world. Its action on the brain is really very difficult to explain. It is known that it cooperates with those brain parts which have connection to the inhibition or production of the neurotransmitters dopamine, norepinephrine, GABA, and histamine.

Benefits of Modavigil.

The drug has a big range of benefits which makes users to buy Modavigil so often. It increases a focus and concentration, no matter what task are you fulfilling. These two belongs to an executive brain function which is responsible for different planning processes and attention switching. There would be no distractions, so you will easily manage your work. Besides, the medication influences on sleep response system in the brain, which allows you to be naturally alert and awake for a long period of time. Simultaneously in reduces your mental fatigue. Due to this amazing effect, Modavigil is very popular among US military in different pilots operation, where they must stay awake for almost 48 hours. Many order Modavigil, because it is able to decrease the brain fog and desire to constantly postpone things.