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Stay afloat longer with Nuvigil

Wonders in the world of pharmacology happen every day, and every new discovery is seen as a miracle.

Most popular developments of pharmacologists are focused on the fight against depression and increasing the sexual energy, letting you enjoy a hurricane of emotions again and again. The new substance, applying for global influence is called Nuvigil. With its help, you can stay awake for more than 40 hours, while maintaining high activity, good humor and great attention.  

The drug improves memory, enhances the overall perception, reaction and cognitive abilities. It has a milder effect, unlike amphetamines, allowing for a long time to be awake and to fall asleep easy when the effect of the drug is over. In the US, the medication is sold in pharmacies under the names «Armodafinil» and «Waklert».

You can buy Nuvigil at any drug store or easily order Nuvigil in the Internet. It is included to the list of approved drugs and prescribed to patients suffering from narcolepsy, sleepiness and sleep disorders, shortness of breath and a sharp decrease in the frequency and depth of breathing. It is no surprise, that the drug, letting people stay awake for more than 40 hours, fully preserving the physical and mental strength, and not having the effect of «hangover» has quickly gained popularity around the world and the fame of «shearing the time» medication. It does not have the side effects that are common to other psycho stimulants (cocaine, caffeine, amphetamine), such as, for example, a handshake.

In the modern pace of life psycho stimulants are relevant to all people: students, workaholics and fans of leading the night life. Without the usage of stimulants, to maintain a high pace of life is simply impossible. This is evidenced by studies of Australian scientists. During the experiments it was found that 17 hours of continuous driving or using of alcohol reduces human intelligence, reaction and even the capacity for sound judgment. 24 hours without sleep reduce all mental abilities of the person twice.

Generic Nuvigil lets you stay afloat for much longer.

It is no wonder, that the US military like it much. Sustained operations require the full mobilization of all the soldiers. Moreover, in military practice there is considered as routine to sleep just a couple of hours a day for several weeks. Over the years, American scientists have searched for a way to keep spirits of the soldiers while avoiding side effects: such as the fall of intelligence after the action of the drug.  The drug, able to improve mental abilities of the soldiers twice, increases the efficiency of the platoon in many times. It allowed conducting effective military operations as long as needed, until the weather permits.

However, Nuvigil has won recognition not only among the military.  Among the American population it becomes a substitute for coffee. This is natural, because twenty years ago caffeine was used to mobilize the US Army. Caffeine gained popularity and eventually came into use, and the dosage grew and grew. Twenty years ago, the average American took 70 mg of caffeine per day, but today the norm is considered to be 300mg.

However, for caffeine is quickly produced tolerance and those positive effects that were observed at the beginning of the reception, gradually come to naught, and the person requires a cup of coffee just to bounce back. The drug has no such effects, and is suitable for prolonged use, with minimal impact to health.