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Stay awake with Modapro

Modapro assists in treating sleep disorders.

Generic Modapro assists to abolish the strong drowse connected with paroxysmal sleep and other sleep disorders, such as labored or nonregular breathing during sleep (obstructive sleep apnea/hyperpnoea during sleep - OSAS). It is also utilized for maintaining the state of wakefulness during the work on schedule, disrupt the normal cycle of sleep and wakefulness (sleep disturbances caused by shift work - SWSD).

This medical substance is used by different groups of people, from ordinary students to military officers. The arrangement of action of this preparation in maintaining wakefulness is not clear. It is supposed that it acts through effects on the operation of definite biochemical substances in the brain that control the cycle of sleep and waking. It doesn’t replenish for the shortage of sleep and shouldn’t be used to relieve feelings of fatigue or temperance from sleep in people suffering from sleep disorders. It’s not advised for children.

You can buy Modapro online or in the drugstore, but before taking the medicament with the buyout of each regular packaging, don’t forget to consult the information sheet about the drug that you can take from a pharmacist. If you have any questions on the usage of this medicament, ask your doctor or pharmacist.   The substance is meant for oral taking with food or without food, usually once a day in the morning (unless your doctor prescribed otherwise).

If you take the medication in connection with disturbances of sleep, provoked by shift work, take it an hour before working shift, unless otherwise directed by the physician). If you take it about obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), continue with your usual cure (the using of the CPAP machine), if the doctor hasn’t canceled it.   The dose depends on your health and personal reaction to cure. Take the drug exactly according to the instructions of the doctor for the best result. In rare cases, admission of the drug may cause pathological addiction to it. Don’t increase your dose; take it more often or for longer than prescribed.

Possible reviews about Generic Modapro.

Stop taking in strict accordance with the instructions of the doctor. Inform your doctor if you don’t have the desired effect. People, who order Modapro, have only good reviews about this preparation. The worker of night shifts. A woman of 46 years old: «I often work in day and night shifts alternately in one week, so sleep and wakefulness can be difficult to switch. Modapro keeps me awake when I need to be in consciousness. I am sensitive to medications, so I can only accept 1 / 2 tablets (100 mg). If I drink coffee at the same time, I get the jitters and heart palpitations.

It keeps me awake for about 18 hours and I have a decreased appetite. The first 2 months with Modafinil, I lost about 40 pounds. It doesn't always work consistently; sometimes I get the failure drowsiness. I found that if I take this drug to stay awake, and then soporific pills to sleep, I'll be sedated, but I think it's the fault of soporific tablets. Side effects are decreased appetite, increased blood pressure and vivid dreams».

The patient, 35 years. The diagnosis: exhaustion associated with taking antidepressants: «This seemed to work great, but then like everything else your body gets used to it, and the effect is not the same. Ladies, remember that if you use any type of hormonal contraception like the pill, it can make it less effective. I had to stop using it because I got heavy bleeding and it was very annoying. Actually, Modapro is better than any other preparation of this group. As for side effects, I can mention: headaches at the first taking, strong smell of urine and weakening the effect of contraceptives».