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Stay awake with Provigil

Provigil gained much recognition for its wakefulness-promoting effects.

Many researches are conducting a lot of investigations in order to find out if the drug is able to improve the outcomes of those people who have a poor response to antidepressant therapy. In one study Generic Provigil was analyzed for its adjunct effects to future antidepressant treatment. The doses of 100mg and 400mg took part in the experiment. 21 people participated in the study, 43% of them got a considerable decrease in symptoms of depression and remission rates. Those patients who had a good response to Provigil told about lower hostility, depression, anxiety, obsession, psychoticism and somatization. Such a result proved the efficacy of Provigil as an adjunct medication.

Later Studies.

Studies which were conducted in 2005 gathered information about patients who got the treatment with Provigil because of failed and unsuccessful responses onto treatments with antidepressants. 45 people took part in the experiment. They were given the medication during 9 months.

The average dose was approximately 184.3 mg a day. In all of people there were noticed significant improvements after 2 weeks and they maintained almost 90 further days. 15 people received a full Provigil Therapy, the rest were taking it as an adjunct. According to the data, it was stated that Provigil is very beneficial for those people who face with depression and those who were not successful with traditional treatment options.

Researches of 2006.

A second study, which was conducted in 2006, was analyzing Provigil as a standalone option treatment for atypical depression. It was a 12-week study which used parallel periods of treatment with the medication and simple pill. The patients were between 18 and 65 years old. They had to meet all the requirements of DSM criteria for big depression with atypical symptoms. 8 people participated in the study.

Only 66 of them met all the required criteria. 13 dropped out because of different adverse effects. 53 patients completed a treatment phase, 50 of them showed quite a good improvement in symptoms of depression. The study was continued with the second 12-week experiment which was double-blind. During further 12 weeks 25 patients were given Provigil and 26 got a placebo. Those who received the medication experienced improvements of their HAM-D-29 scores in comparison with baseline.

Provigil is safe.

When you buy Provigil, don’t worry about serious side effects. It is a drug which has slight adverse reactions. It is tolerated well by people. Those who take it as recommended and were suggested by the doctor are not likely to face with different side effects. There are no serious and dangerous moments about Provigil. Except this, it is really very easy to get the drug. One can order Provigil at any time without any prescriptions. Nowadays there are many online pharmacies which offer good medication together with free consultations and all the necessary information. You may even get the prescription online.


Generic Provigil has slight adverse reactions. It is tolerated well by people. It is often used against different sleep disorders.