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Testing of Provigil

Americans are testing Provigil pills which control sleep.

Provigil is the medication, which has a certain effect on the higher integrative functions of the human brain. It improves memory, facilitates the learning process and stimulates intellectual activity. During different studies and sales there were not found any side effects, just in rare cases some mild nausea and headache. It is used in bodybuilding in order to suppress appetite and burn fat while also improving efficiency and performance of training.

British scientists have found that the drug is used to combat sleepiness. It increases the effectiveness of antidepressants, even in cases when they practically have no effect on a patient in a pure form. Such article was published in the scientific journal «Journal of Clinical Psychiatry». To such conclusions scientists have come after conducting the study with 568 participants who suffered from depression. Thus, 342 of them due to the simultaneous consumption of the drug and antidepressants succeeded in overcoming the disease, whereas before, when they took only antidepressants such thing did not happen.

American scientists are now testing a substance that will help people stay awake despite the prolonged lack of sleep. As Thomas Scammell, who studies sleep at the medical center of Beth Deaconess in Israel, reported in the program «Good Morning, America», it works spectacularly. He was talking about the drug Provigil, sold under the brand name Modafinil. It was originally developed for people suffering from narcolepsy, which may suddenly fall asleep even in the daytime. However, scientists believe, that the medicine can be used in order to maintain the clarity of thinking even by the prolonged period of the lack of sleep.

Development of the drug is closely associated with the opening of orexins a few years ago - substances belonging to the new group of neurotransmitters. It was found that a deficiency of orexins causes narcolepsy, and the medication somehow compensates the lack of this important substance in the human body. During the study conducted by researchers from Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania, 16 people were left for a long time without having a normal sleep. All they first did not sleep for 28 hours, then for four days they were given only eight hours to sleep - from 11 am to 7 pm.

Such a regime should have simulated the long-term work in the night shift. Part of the volunteers in this study received Generic Provigil, and the others took the inactive placebo to account psychological effect of ingestion of the medication. Volunteers from the first group much better preserved attention and performed proposed to them tests whereas those receiving placebo made a lot of mistakes. Now the drug is available for healthy people who have a lot of work and little sleep.

The medication could help people suffering from drowsiness as a result of constant long work shifts. In addition, the effectiveness of the drug is now being tested on people with nocturnal respiratory failure. As the medication is often used off label, you can easily buy Provigil at any drugstore of the US, Australia and countries of Europe. Also there are many reliable online pharmacies where you can order Provigil in a most convenient for you way.

Provigil gives certain effects on the higher integrative functions of the human brain. It improves memory and facilitates the learning process.