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Treat Narcolepsy your way – buy Generic Provigil

With the development of electronic commerce, it is surprising that so many people buy insanely expensive medicines at the local drugstores when they can get the same medicines online several times cheaper. The cause of it, probably, is the spread of propaganda that only the medicines approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) can be effective and safe. Media also plays an important role: people are more willing to trust the names of the medicines if they see them on television or hear on radio channels. But do you really want to pay for advertised names thousands of dollars every year? We talk about thousands because such medicines as Provigil are prescribed for constant use. If you are diagnosed with narcolepsy, most likely you will need to take Modafinil-containing medicines, one of which is the advertised Provigil, your entire life. Are there other safe options? The answer is yes. Read more here, check popular online pharmacies, inform yourself and create your own efficient and cheap way of narcolepsy treatment.

Are there cheaper drugs with the same effect as Provigil?

Even though the government tries to hide other, less expensive medicines from the people who suffer from the disorders that require prescription medicines, they still find a way to find them and acquire. Such people are willing to share their experiences on various online forums and in reviews of the purchased medicines left on the online pharmacies’ websites.

There are a lot of medicines identical to Provigil. They are called Generic Provigil. However, every drug has a different registered name. The common name is used to facilitate the search. For instance, at the moment you don’t know the name of Provigil analogue, but if you will search Generic Provigil, you will find what you were looking for in just a few seconds.

How Generic Provigil can be so cheap if it is identical to Provigil?

There are a lot of reasons behind such huge difference in pricing:

  • Production costs
  • Different taxation in countries where the manufacturer operates
  • Advertising expenses and their lack
  • Cheap labor force
  • Obligatory prescription or lack of this obligation (some countries sell the medicine without a prescription)
  • Research costs

The pharmaceutical companies that manufacture Generic Provigil operate outside the US or EU, where the costs are so big that they result in 800 dollars or 700 euro of Provigil per package. Spending less money on advertising they also offer patients the possibility to obtain the vital medicine much cheaper. Do they use the same formula? Yes, they do. However, the formula isn’t the result of their work. They save on research and start manufacturing the medicine after it has been created and tested by other large companies.

When you decide to buy Generic Provigil online

If you are convinced now that you would better buy cheaper medicine and spend the saved money on something different, you can start looking for a reliable online pharmacy. As was previously proposed, you can check the reviews of the customers of such pharmacies or look for the forums where people share their experience with online drug stores.

Other tips that will help you buy Generic Provigil safely

Even after you chose the pharmacy, you can also check, compare the drug composition with the composition of Provigil. Check each ingredient dosage per pill, find out the country of origin and the company that manufactures certain Generic Provigil. If you cannot find this information, contact the pharmacy’s consultants. They are obliged to provide you with this information. If they are reluctant, look for another online drugstore.

Now, if you have found the Generic Provigil you are ready to trust, make sure to adhere to standard safety measures. Never use bigger dosage than your doctor has recommended. You don’t need to go to your doctor to get a prescription, but you still need regular checkups and his observation of your condition. Inform your doctor that you are using Generic Provigil. Make sure to watch carefully your condition after the intake. If you notice any adverse reaction, stop using the medicine and contact your doctor. However, don’t panic, all medicines can possibly cause side effects and Provigil is not an exception, so it doesn’t mean that you bought a dangerous Generic.

If you feel that the dosage you currently take is not enough, consult your doctor, make tests, and only then, if doctor approves, increase the dose, but never use more than 400 mg of Generic Provigil per day. Even 400 mg is considered an unpredictable dosage. The scientists do not certainly say that it is harmful, but they haven’t studied its long-term effect on the human health.

Be careful and conscious, and you will benefit from the use of cheap Generic Provigil bought online to the fullest.