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Treating Narcolepsy Cheaply – Generic Provigil

If you were diagnosed with narcolepsy, no wonder that you are looking for a cheaper treatment. Prescription medicines sold in western countries used to treat narcolepsy and some other disorders related to uncontrollable, excessive sleepiness during the day time are pretty expensive. Not everyone can afford them. For example, a package of Provigil for a monthly use costs around a thousand of dollars. Besides that, you are probably advised to take antidepressants, such as expensive Tofranil, vitamins, and a list of nutritional supplements. In addition, the correction of symptoms requires a change in a lifestyle, including short daily naps, which results in a trouble finding a stable, good paying job. You are advised to eat healthy, but again, healthy foods are the most expensive. So what should you do? What part of the treatment should you compromise to afford at least a part of it? Fortunately, today you can significantly save buying prescription medicines even without or with an expired prescription at the majority of online drugstores.

Is it legal to buy prescription medicines without a prescription?

On the territory of the United States and some other countries you cannot legally buy such medicines as Provigil without a valid prescription. Such medicines are listed in the legal act restricting their spread and use; they are called “controlled substances”. You can acquire them only using the help of black market drug dealers. But that’s not a smart way of buying vital medicines. It is dangerous both for your health and reputation.

On the other hand, majority of international online pharmacies are situated outside the USA or other countries with similar laws. There are countries that allow the selling of the Provigil-like medicines without any prescription. So basically, buying the medicine from an online drugstore situated outside your country, you do not break your local laws. However, some precautions still should be observed. For example, be ready to see your parcel labeled as “nutritional supplements” to avoid trouble. Make sure to buy not more than two-three packages at once to avoid any suspicion occurrence and most importantly, not to be charged with illegal selling of the controlled substances.

How to find a cheaper medicine identical to Provigil?

In order to make your online medicines purchase experience easier, online drugstores made up a common name for the analog medicines. They simply add the word “genetic” to the widely known brand name. Therefore, if you are looking for Provigil, type in your search bar “Generic Provigil” and you will get a whole list of the pharmacies that sell it. There are a lot of identical medicines; they are simply manufactured by different pharmaceutical companies.

How to know which Generic Provigil is the best?

In general, all Generic Provigil pills are identical. However, thinking realistically, some of them can be inferior. There are several ways you can check the quality of the medicine without even buying it or prior to buying Generic Provigil:

  • First of all, find the online pharmacy you can trust. On our website you can find links to such pharmacies. However, you can additionally check their reputations using search engine. Look for positive or negative real users’ reviews on the pharmacy’s website as well as on thematic online forums. There are plenty of them in the network.
  • Compare the compound of the medicine you plan to buy with the medicine prescribed by your doctor. You can find such info on the website of the pharmacy or contact customers support team and ask them.
  • Some countries manufacture better generics than others. You can find the advices again searching for thematic online forums or blogs. People who buy generic medicines online are willing to share their experiences, just look for them, and you will find your answers!
  • If you have an open-minded doctor, you can ask him/her what substitutes you can take instead of Provigil. Some doctors can recommend you certain generics. Not all of them, of course, because they are afraid they can ruin their reputation. Moreover, they get paid a commission every time they prescribe Provigil. But if you feel that you can be honest with your doctor, ask him/her for advice to save your time and be even surer.

How to use Generic Provigil?

Considering that you have purchased the medicine identical to the one prescribed by your doctor, including the ingredients and dosage of the active substance per pill, take Generic Provigil as prescribed.


Every drug can cause some negative side effects. Be ready for them: read all of the possible symptoms of allergy, heart or breathing problem, digestive disorders, and so on. Being prepared will help you not to panic and take the necessary measures in the right order. If you feel any health problems or even a slight discomfort after using Generic Provigil, stop using the medicine immediately. Inform your doctor if there is no need to call an ambulance, or do call the ambulance and inform them which medicine you administered.

Never use a bigger dosage of pills then advised. If you feel that the dosage is insufficient for the suppression of narcolepsy symptoms, talk to your doctor, but never increase the dosage by yourself.

Buy Generic Provigil and treat narcolepsy several times cheaper than your local drugstores offer. Be responsible taking the drug and enjoy your life.