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Treating Wakefulness Disorder with Provigil

People that suffer from sleep disorders, such as excessive sleepiness during daytime and insomnia at night may be unaware of certain serious conditions that require a doctor’s supervision and timely treatment. Overwhelming sleepiness during work hours can make you unemployed or even worse, result in accidents and cause serious injuries. Never delay a visit to your doctor even if you can buy wakefulness disorder medicines such as Provigil without a prescription online. The most common reason of such disorders is narcolepsy though you may be suffering from other illnesses.

Symptoms of Narcolepsy, the Disorder that Requires Provigil Intake

  • First major symptom of narcolepsy is uncontrollable sleepiness in a daytime even in sufficient night sleep. In such condition usual caffeine-containing drinks doesn’t help to stay awake.
  • Excessive sleepiness in narcolepsy is accompanied with reduced energy levels, mental cloudiness, loss of concentration and sudden muscle weakness attacks. The last symptom is actually an accompanying disorder called cataplexy that can be of various severity from a sudden occurrence of slurred speech to full body collapse. It can occur when a patient is exposed to intense emotions.
  • Sleep paralysis is another symptom that can be faced in narcolepsy. It is a temporary inability to move any muscle of the body (except respiratory system). Usually, this condition is experienced while falling asleep or waking up.
  • Visual and audible hallucinations can also be a sign of narcolepsy.

Worth noting that these symptoms can manifest in other conditions and illnesses. Provigil is prescribed for a strict list of disorders, which can be extended by a certified medical worker only as an off-label treatment plan.

Tests Before Prescribing Provigil

Practicing doctors, before prescribing any medicine, including Provigil, run a number of tests designed to identify a certain disease. For narcolepsy such tests include an overall physical exam, and specialized narcolepsy tests polysomnogram (PSG) and the multiple sleep latency test (MSLT). The first test in a test that is made overnight to identify disturbances in a patient’s sleep cycles. Multiple sleep latency test (MSLT) requires a day under a doctor’s supervision to identify usual time intervals when excessive sleepiness, muscle weakness attacks and other severe symptoms are taking place. It can help to find out whether the attacks are being provoked by external factors or neurological disorder solely.

How Is Narcolepsy Treated with Provigil?

There are two components of a regular narcolepsy treatment plan: the intake of amphetamine-like stimulants to treat sleepiness (Provigil) and antidepressant drugs to suppress other symptoms.
Provigil helps to reduce sleepiness namely in a daytime, not damaging the night sleep. Unfortunately, narcolepsy cannot be treated completely. The medicines can only facilitate the lives of the patients. Therefore, the people diagnosed with narcolepsy are forced to take medicines throughout their lifetime.
In order to help the nervous system work appropriately, doctors also recommend making some lifestyle changes, such as elimination of caffeine, alcohol and nicotine intake, avoid heavy meals, do daily physical exercises and schedule daytime naps of 10-15 minutes.

How to save money buying Provigil?

As we have already figured out, in diagnosed narcolepsy people have to take the medicines on a regular basis. However, regular visits to doctors to get prescriptions and the prescription medicines themselves are quite expensive, so how can you reduce the cost of the treatment? The only possible way is to buy Provigil and other medicines online without a prescription or using your expired prescriptions. Some countries allow the selling of Provigil without prescriptions, which is why they can sell it online without breaking the local law. A patient, who receives the medicine, also doesn’t break the law if he doesn’t supply the purchased medicines to other patients.

Important Notice

If you decide to buy Provigil online, be prepared to see another name of the drug on the package. Different brand name doesn’t mean that the drug is counterfeit. Modafinil, the active ingredient of Provigil, is sold in different countries under various brand names. It’s not surprising that less advertised brands are much cheaper than Modafinil sold as Provigil, so don’t be scared to see Generic Provigil label instead of simply Provigil, when ordering the medicine online. However, be sure to check the dosage per pill to avoid overdosing.
Now, knowing the main pitfalls, you can safely buy Generic Provigil online and receive an effective medicine to help reducing the symptoms of narcolepsy at a lower cost.