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Trials of Generic Modavigil

Generic Modavigil is a drug used to manage drowsiness associated with narcolepsy and other disorders of sleep.

There are also others problems with which this medicament struggles successfully. Modavigil is investigated as a possible way of cocaine dependence cure, for a few motives biochemical mechanism involving these two medicaments, as well as the observation that clinical benefits of it are largely opposite to factors of cocaine withdrawal.

The number of positive samples of cocaine in urine was significantly lower in the group taking this substance, compared to placebo. Dan Umanoff, from the National Association for the Promotion and Protection of Addicts, criticized the inventors of this research for the withdrawal of negative consequences out of the discussion and summary of the article.

Later in the double-blind investigation of the wonder-drug in people, seeking for the cure of cocaine dependence, observed significant improvement of some parameters, such as maximum number of consecutive days of non-use of cocaine, however, it was found no statistically considerable result on the rate of change in percentage of days of non-use of cocaine.

The studies of the medicament (even on people with a healthy weight) indicate that it has an influence on the decreased appetite/weight loss. All studies of it in the database of Medline, occurring in a period of one month or longer which indicate the weight changes discover that users of this medication experience weight loss in comparison with placebo.

In experimental studies, the effect of reduction of appetite caused by the drug looks similar to the type of effect of amphetamines, but, unlike amphetamines, the dosage of Modavigil, causing a decrease in food intake doesn’t cause a substantial increase in heart rate. In one article there was a case with a patient weight of 280 pounds, who lost 40 pounds over a year when treated with this medical preparation. The authors concluded that the need to conduct placebo-controlled studies of the use of this remedy as a means to reduce weight.

It has been demonstrated that if you buy Modavigil 200mg, it will help you with extreme daytime drowse and fatigue caused by liver cirrhosis. After two months of cure there was a meaningful reduction in symptoms of tiredness, measured using the scales of sleepiness Apsara.   It was also tested in the application not properly in people with symptoms of oppression of cognitive abilities after chemotherapy.

In the study, held at the University of Rochester, 68 patients were achieved good results. "From previous studies we knew that this medical preparation attenuates the decrease in concentration and memory impairment, and we hoped that it will also help patients with breast cancer experiencing depression cognitive abilities after chemotherapy, what happened finally" – it is said in the study, led by Dr. Sadhana Cauley, Professor cancer center James P. Wilmotte at the University of Rochester.

This drug may have some disadvantages, so before you order Modavigil, learn its side effects. You can face: back pain, headache, nausea, anxiety, nasal congestion, diarrhea, dizziness, abundant rash, severe allergic reaction involving the liver or blood cells, problems with swallowing and breathing, heat and yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes.   Modavigil may have a negative influence on the effect of hormonal contraceptive that lasts for months after discontinuation of the substance.