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Usage and trials of Generic Nuvigil

Usage and trials of Nuvigil.

We all remember the scandal with the American runner Kelli White, who won the world championship in Paris (two gold medals for running in 100 and 200 meters). She was accused of the usage of Nuvigil - the drug, developed in 2001 by scientists from Harvard. The medicine is licensed for residents of the UK as a drug for the treatment of patients with narcolepsy (the disease from which White suffers). The disease is characterized by disorders of the brain, when a person may suddenly "turn off" and sleep at any time, often when performing the responsible work.

One of the developers of the medication, Director of the Institute of sleep disorders of Hospital Center of St. Luke-Roosevelt, Dr. Gary Zammit states: «This drug is not an amphetamine. It is a unique product that acts on certain parts of the brain that allows patients to adjust the process of waking. However, this medication is not intended for people who want to do for a long time without sleep. The tests in this direction are not carried out yet». However, researchers believe, that the drug can be used to maintain clarity of the thoughts without prolonged lack of sleep.

Vice-president of the International Association of Athletics Arne Lungvist has already announced that it is necessary to conduct further studies on the subject of what class of drugs Nuvigil should be included to. "In the near future the drug will be included to the World Anti-Doping Agency list of medicines that athletes are forbidden to use both when preparing for a competition, during the training process, as well as directly in the tournament," - he said.

The US scientists have made a sensational statement on the subject of action of the given medication in December 2001. At that time, the scientific community was reported that the US was experiencing a medicine capable of helping to keep fit in extreme conditions, including long-term lack of sleep. As Thomas Scammell (who studies sleep at the medical center of Beth Deaconess in Israel) told in the program «A-B-C», «Good Morning, America», Generic Nuvigil has a beneficial effect on the concentration.

It is not still clear whether the drug is available for healthy people who have a lot of work but little sleep. Perhaps it could help people suffering from drowsiness as a result of ongoing long-term shift work. In the US, where drugs are more readily available, Nuvigil can be claimed by students and clubbers who constantly use such kind of substances. And the workers of the Rescue Service believe that this drug will help them to go without sleep during major disasters.

British scientists at Cambridge University conduct the studies of the medication as a drug that increases the intellectual capacity of people and allows them to go without sleep for a long time, without breaking the concentration. As it was evidenced by Daniel Turner from the Department of Psychiatry, University of Cambridge, «the use of this drug may revolutionize the understanding of the mechanism of the origin and preservation of memories.

Apparently, this drug has a very special point of impact on the ongoing processes in the human brain».   Today the drug is available in 20 countries under the brand name Armodafinil. Among them: the United States, South Korea, Great Britain, Luxembourg, Ireland and Italy. In other countries, it is also sold as Waklert. It is rather easy to get. You can buy Nuvigil or order Nuvigil at any drugstore or via Internet.