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What is Armodafinil?

Armodafinil is an agent which promotes wakefulness.

It is not yet pretty clear how the medicine works. For sure, it has impact on some brain chemicals that have connection to sleep. It is usually used in order to fight with excessive sleep during daytime in adults, those who faced with narcolepsy, sleep apnea, and shift work disorder. Sometimes it is prescribed for treating other conditions, which are not listed in the general use. Generic Armodafinil is approved by FDA for treating all above mentioned sleep disorders.

What is the Dosage of Armodafinil?

The drug was approved by U.S. FDA in order to treat narcolepsy and shift work disorder. It is found to be also as an adjuvant therapy for OSA. It is suggested to take 150 mg or 250 mg of the medicine once a day if you have obstructive sleep apnea or narcolepsy. For work shift disorder it is advised to have 150 mg of the medication 1 hour before the work starts.

How I should use Armodafinil?

It is necessary to listen carefully to all the advice of your physician before you order Armodafinil. Follow all his directions and do not violate them, because it can lead to undesirable consequences. Read carefully the Medication Guide which comes with medication. It is advised to take the medicine by mouth. You can have it with or without meal. As for the time, your doctor will tell you the best time for you individually. If you forget to take the dose, take it as soon as you notice it. If it is already the time for the next dose, forget the previous one and move further, but don’t take 2 doses at once, to cover the missed one.

What I should Know about Armodafinil?

If you face with other problems, such as emergency care, dental care or different seizures tell the doctors that you are taking Armodafinil. Sometimes Armodafinil can cause blurred vision and dizziness. It can be a bit dangerous if you decide to drive a car or take alcohol. DO not do this until you know the exact effect of the drug on your organism. Make sure, to know all these details before you buy Armodafinil. It is also not suggested to use other drugs which can promote dizziness when you are having Armodafinil, because it can make the effect too strong.


Do not exceed the dosage which your doctor prescribed. Stick always to the norm. One must remember that Armodafinil doesn’t cure sleep disorders; it only can eliminate the symptoms. It won’t stop your sleepiness forever. Don’t change your habits, until you discuss the moment with the doctor. Each visit tell the doctor about your sleepiness level in order to monitor the disorder. It is very important not to take the medicine in places which promote much sleep.

What to Tell a Doctor before prescribing Armodafinil?

A lot of difficult conditions may have some relation to such drug as Armodafinil. Certainly, tell the doctor if you:

Are pregnant or planning to carry a child

Are a breastfeeding mom

Are taking some other prescribed and over the counter medications, dietary supplements, vitamins or herbs

If you or somebody from your family have a history of mental problems, substance or alcohol abuse

Have pain in the chest, high blood pressure heart problems, heart attack

Have kidney or liver problems

Can Armodafinil Cause some Side Effects?

If you follow all the recommendations of your doctor, concerning the dose and its time you will not face with different side effects. But if you notice any strange signs and symptoms, it is better to contact the physician. If you see some rash, blisters, peeling skin, swollen and red face tell the doctor at once. Do not wait or start curing all this by yourself.