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Wise drug Nuvigil

Nuvigil is a wise drug with a stimulating effect which is produced by the Cephalon, Inc.

In 2007 it was approved by FDA in order to treat shift work disorder and narcolepsy. It is sometimes mentioned by the name Armodafinil, which is considered to be a great powerful drug which is “off-label”. This drug is known to increase energy, alertness and focus.

Currently the researches are being conducted in order to find out if Nuvigil can treat depression, ADD and schizophrenia. Another usage is for jet lag. It is considered to be nootropic because can result in increased mental performance. The concrete mechanism of Generic Nuvigil is not yet fully understood. There are some theories which tell in which way the drug works. Nuvigil is very similar to Modafinil in its activity and structure. It also produces the stimulating effect on the brain.

The second theory tells that it increases the Dopamine amount in the brain. Dopamine is a mediator which influences on the ways and processes which have some relation to the movements and mood. It also takes part in the switching of attention and other various executive abilities, which are connected with focus and concentration. Many patients after using Nuvigil call it a “wonder drug”.

It is one of not many medications which are able to make you alert without too many different side-effects. People love the way Nuvigil works. It makes you very energetic, alert and brisk. It gives an opportunity to do different tasks very quickly and without any problems. The most important that you will not feel yourself cracked out. Many patients notice that they become more talkative while taking Nuvigil. Such a sign was noticed in people who suffered from social anxiety and were reserved by nature.

Those who tried it do not regret and advise everyone, at least, try the medicine and check all previously said information. It is possible nowadays to order Nuvigil online, without leaving your home. Perhaps, your doctor wil prescribe you to take Nuvigil with some other medicines to decrease other sleep disorders. Of course, it is not recommended to start taking it without consultation with the doctor and his proper advice. Many start taking the medicine after different operations, when people usually feel very tired and lack a lot of energy. Such patients who take Nuvigil tell that it helps them tremendously to fight with side effects caused by the disease.