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Your new life with Modafinil

A psycho stimulant of a new generation.

Modafinil is a psycho stimulant of a new generation, also known under such commercial names as Provigil, Alertec, Modalert, Modiodal and Vigia. It is a drug derived from a substance called Adrafinil and it was created by the French company Lafon Laboratoriez in 1970. It belongs to nootropics (means that make a direct activating effect on studying). It improves mental performance  and memory of a person and increases the resilience of the brain to aggressive influence.

What does the term «nootropic»  mean?

The term «nootropic» is made up of the Greek that mean «mind» and «change». It was introduced in 1972 to describe the impact on the sensitive-cognition effects of piracetam. Modafinil, like many other stimulants, increases the release of monoamines (catecholamines of norepinephrine and dopamine) from synaptic terminals. Nevertheless, it also enhances histamine level in gipatalamuse, and that is why some researchers believe it to be a «waking agent», not the classical amphetamine. However, despite the histaminergic action of this medication, Generic Modafinil is often related to amphetamine class of stimulants because of its impact on the level of noradrenaline and dopamine.

FDA approved Generic Modafinil.

US Federal Service of Food and Drug Administration classified Modafinil as the most efficient means to combat narcolepsy (the disease of a nervous system that is related to the hypersomnia, and which is characterized by bouts of irresistible daytime sleepiness, sudden sleep attacks and attacks of cataplexy). Besides narcolepsy, it is also effectively used for treatment of attention deficit, multiple sclerosis and resistant depression, and as an adjunct during the treatment by antidepressants.

Due to the ability to significantly increase endurance and effects that are similar to the effects of amphetamine (and also because of the number of athletes implicated in the use of this medication in international competitions), World Anti-Doping Agency included Modafinil to the list of banned drugs in sports, and recognized it as a doping agent.

Therefore, Modafinil has quickly started gaining popularity among drivers, programmers, shift workers and amateur sportsmen. The drug can be also used in the treatment of fibromyalgia, myotonic dystrophy, chronic fatigue syndrome, spastic cerebral palsy, and Parkinson's disease. It is one of the most effective ways in stimulating mental activity, reducing the need for sleep and depression treatment.

Modafinil is a psycho stimulant of a new generation. It improves mental performance and memory of a person.